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Celdt listening
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CELDT- listening. There are 3 parts within the listening section:. Following oral directions Listening Comprehension (Teacher Talk) Extended Listening Comprehension. Following Oral Directions. In this part you will listen to teacher directions and then choose the best answer.

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CELDT- listening

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Celdt listening

CELDT- listening

There are 3 parts within the listening section

There are 3 parts within the listening section:

  • Following oral directions

  • Listening Comprehension (Teacher Talk)

  • Extended Listening Comprehension

Following oral directions

Following Oral Directions

In this part you will listen to teacher

directions and then choose the best answer.

For example:Choose the picture that

shows a line connecting the bus to the truck.

Correct answer b

Correct- answer B.

  • Let’s try another one…

Correct answer b1

Correct- answer B.

Listening comprehension teacher talk

Listening Comprehension (Teacher Talk)

For this part you will hear a teacher talk,

then you will choose the best answer.

For example: A teacher tells the class: That’s all for today’s class. For tomorrow, read all of Chapter 4, and then do the problems at the end of the chapter. Also, there will be a math quiz on Friday. Be sure to review Chapter 3.

Which chapter should students review for their math quiz

Which chapter should students review for their math quiz?

  • Chapter 3

  • Chapter 4

  • Chapter 5

Correct answer a

Correct- answer A.

But remember, you won’t be able to see what the teacher is reading…only the question and answer.

Let s try another

Let’s try another…

What is the deadline for the Media Festival?

  • April 15

  • May 17

  • June 28

Correct answer a1

Correct- answer A.

Extended listening comprehension

Extended Listening Comprehension

In the last part in the listening section, you

will listen to a passage. Then you will

answer 3 questions about the passage..

Let’s try one…

Celdt listening

For example:

Joshua trees grow in the deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. These large trees grow very slowly. They can live for hundreds of years and grow to a height of more than thirty feet.

Joshua trees have sharp, green leaves and rough bark. Their branches lift up to the sky. Joshua trees must bloom in order to form new branches. They only bloom if there is enough rain and a winter freeze. Under these conditions, Joshua trees produce creamy white flowers in spring.

Native Americans found different uses for Joshua trees. They wove sandals and baskets from the leaves. They also ate raw or roasted seeds and flower buds.

Where do joshua trees grow a in forests b in deserts c in meadows

Where do Joshua trees grow?A. in forestsB. in desertsC. in meadows

Correct answer b2

Correct- answer B.

Question 2

Question #2

Joshua trees bloom if there is plenty of rain


  • a heat wave.

  • a thaw.

  • a freeze.

Correct answer c

Correct- answer C.

Question 3

Question #3

What is one way in which Native Americans

used Joshua trees?

  • They wove the leaves for sandals.

  • They cut the wood for fences.

  • They boiled the flowers for dye.

Correct answer a2

Correct- answer A.

But remember you don t get to see the passage

But remember, you don’t get to see the passage.

Let’s try another…

Listen to the passage

Listen to the passage…

Question #1-

Where was Isamu Noguchi born?

  • New York City

  • Tokyo

  • Los Angeles

Correct answer c1

Correct- answer C.

Question 21

Question #2

Noguchi became a

  • sculptor

  • carpenter.

  • gardener.

Correct answer a3

Correct- answer A.

Question 31

Question #3

Where is Noguchi’s museum located?

  • Paris

  • San Francisco

  • Long Island City

Correct answer c2

Correct- answer C.

Test strategies

Test Strategies

Tell your partner 1-2 test strategies you can

use in the listening section.

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