Energy resources
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Energy Resources. By- BEI. Non-renewable Energy Resources. Fossil fuels Nuclear power. Fossil fuels. How is it work?. Advantages: Very large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place using coal, fairly cheaply. Transporting oil and gas to the power stations is easy.

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Energy Resources

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Energy Resources


Non-renewable Energy Resources

  • Fossil fuels

  • Nuclear power

Fossil fuels

How is it work?

  • Advantages:

  • Very large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place using coal, fairly cheaply.

  • Transporting oil and gas to the power stations is easy.

  • Gas-fired power stations are very efficient.

  • Disadvantages:

  • Basically, the main drawback of fossil fuels is pollution.

  • Burning coal produces more carbon dioxide than burning oil or gas.

  • Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. Strip mining destroys large areas of the landscape.

  • Coal-fired power stations need huge amounts of fuel, which means train-loads of coal almost constantly.

Nuclear power

How is it work?

  • Advantages:

  • Nuclear power costs about the same as coal, so it's not expensive to make.

  • Does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide, so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

  • Produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel.

  • Produces small amounts of waste.

  • Disadvantages:

  • Although not much waste is produced, it is very, very dangerous.

  • Nuclear power is reliable, but a lot of money has to be spent on safety - if it does go wrong, a nuclear accident can be a major disaster.

Renewable Energy Resources

  • Solar power

  • Wind power

  • Wave power

Solar power

How is it work?

There are three ways the solar power can be used: Solar cell, Solar water heating, Solar Furnaces

  • Advantages:

  • Solar energy is free - it needs no fuel and produces no waste or pollution.

  • In sunny countries, solar power can be used where there is no easy way to get electricity to a remote place.

  • Handy for low-power uses such as solar powered garden lights and battery chargers, or for helping your home energy bills.

  • Disadvantages:

  • Doesn't work at night.

  • Very expensive to build solar power stations.

  • Can be unreliable unless you're in a very sunny climate.

Wind power

  • Advantages:

  • Wind is free, wind farms need no fuel.

  • Produces no waste or greenhouse gases.

  • The land beneath can usually still be used for farming.

  • Wind farms can be tourist attractions.

  • A good method of supplying energy to remote areas.

How is it work?

  • Disadvantages:

  • The wind is not always predictable - some days have no wind.

  • Suitable areas for wind farms are often near the coast, where land is expensive.

  • Some people feel that covering the landscape with these towers is unsightly.

Wave power

How is it work?

  • Advantages:

  • The energy is free - no fuel needed, no waste produced.

  • Not expensive to operate and maintain.

  • Can produce a great deal of energy.

  • Disadvantages:

  • Depends on the waves - sometimes you'll get loads of energy, sometimes almost nothing.

  • Needs a suitable site, where waves are consistently strong.

  • Some designs are noisy. But then again, so are waves, so any noise is unlikely to be a problem.

  • Must be able to withstand very rough weather.

Difference between Renewable Energy and Non-renewable Energy

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