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3. Pretelling: Procedurial/Sequential Thinking The Importance of thinking forward

4. List Making Determine important concepts Brainstorm list Elaborate list Put in meaningful context Chant list Innovate list Write list Demonstrate strips, etc- take them or at least make appt slide of themDemonstrate strips, etc- take them or at least make appt slide of them

9. GO! Chart Steps Predict Plot and Vocabulary Choose a book selected to match the chosen purpose Read only the title to the students, covering the illustration From the title only, have the children predict what they think the story might be about Chart responses looking for the reasoning behind their predictions Make further predictions (cover illustration, etc. as needed to elicit prior knowledge) Have the children predict the vocabulary words that might be encountered in the text Introduce any uncommon words needed prior to reading Chart responses- be sure students share the reasoning behind responses Read Read the text (teacher or students depending on chosen procedu Confirm/Disconfirm Return to original predictions (title, illustrations, vocabulary) and confirm or disconfirm accuracy of each. Remember, the rationale behind the predictions is what is important, not the guesses. Explore Understandings/Interpretations/Connections Follow the prompts for each category and chart student’s responses Encourage dialogue to elaborate responses Organize the Story Choose appropriate graphic organizer to pull key parts of the story together (depends on purpose - to retell, further analyze a literary element, etc)

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