Nate the Great
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Nate the Great. San Francisco Detective. By Marjorie and Mitchell Sharmat.

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Nate the Great

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Nate the Great

San Francisco Detective

By Marjorie and Mitchell Sharmat

Mystery fans, look no further! Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective, by Marjorie and Mitchell Sharmat is the book for you. Nate, a kid detective, flies to San Francisco to visit his cousin, Olivia, who is also a sleuth. While Olivia is out on a case, Nate takes a call from her friend, Duncan who says it’s the end of the world. Actually, he had only lost his joke book, Joke Stew, and needed to share a joke with a friend at 2:00 that day. To help Duncan, Nate retraces his client’s steps. He searches Perry’s Pancake House where Duncan had breakfast and the bag of leftover pancakes in Duncan’s freezer, but there was no Joke Stew! Thinking that someone had returned the book to Booksie’s Bookstore, Nate and Duncan arrive there to explore aisles of books and find it in the cooking section. `

  • Building Background

  • Journal Response

  • In the Reading section of your journal, write your response to the following questions:

  • What do you do when you’ve lost something?

  • How do you figure out where to search?

Building Background

How a Detective Solves a Mystery



Vocabulary Power

Jen: Wait a minute. You wore the jeans?

Jon: Yes, how else would the zipper have broken?

Jen: And your mother has already the jeans?

Jon: Yes. I think I might have to hire a --you know, someone who solves mysteries.

Jen: I’m no detective, but I

know what happened to your Golden Cap.

Jon: You do?

Jen: What’s the matter Jon?

Jon: I lost my bottle cap.

Jen: That doesn’t sound so bad.

Jon: Oh, it’s not an ordinary bottle cap. This bottle cap is a Golden Cap. You can turn it in for a prize at the Big Burger Barn.

Jen: Why don’t you ask you mother about it?

Jon: I can’t. She isn’t home. She went to the mall. The zipper on my new jeans broke.













(Later, at the store)

Woman: The manager isn’t here, but I’m her . I help the manager with her work. How can I help you?

Jen: My friend Jon’s mother returned his jeans a little while ago. I’m sure he left something in the pocket. In fact, I’m he did. Can you check?

Woman: Of course, I can. Oh, look! Here is a bottle cap.

Jen: There you are, Jon. You had a problem that needed to be solved, and I took your .

Jon: Yes, Jen, you solved The Case of the Missing Bottle Cap. Now let’s go to the Big Burger Barn and find out what we won!











A mystery is a story about something that is not known, understood, or explained.

  • Look for:

  • characters and events that are realistic.

  • a problem that the main character has to solve that might involve a crime.


  • Take a picture walk. Examine the illustrations closely.

  • Read the chapter titles.

  • Write 2-3 sentences predicting what you think will happen in the story. Include who, what happens, where.

During Reading Part 1

  • Read Chapters 1-5 with your partner.

  • Complete these parts of the story map:

  • Characters

  • Setting

  • Problem

  • Beginning

Story Map





During Reading Part 2

  • Read Chapters 6-10 with your partner.

  • Complete these parts of the story map:

  • Middle

  • Solution

  • Ending

Story Map




After Reading

Directions: Use your story map to write a summary. Be sure to include the title and author of the book in your topic sentence.

Topic Sentence Example:

If you enjoy mysteries, then Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective by Marjorie and Mitchell Sharmat is the book for you.

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