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Volume expansion
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An oil trucker loads 9785 gallons of diesel fuel in Las Vegas. Going through Utah, the temperature was 21 ° C lower than in Vegas. If β FUEL = 9.5 x 10 –6 / ° C , how much fuel is delivered in Utah?. Volume Expansion.

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Volume Expansion

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Volume expansion

An oil trucker loads 9785 gallons of diesel fuel in Las Vegas. Going through Utah, the temperature was 21° C lower than in Vegas. If βFUEL= 9.5 x 10 –6 / ° C , how much fuel is

delivered in


Volume Expansion

Linear expansion

A steel beam is 5 m at a temperature of 20° C. On a hot day the temperature rises to 40° C. If αSTEEL= 12 x 10-6 / ° C, by how much does it expand?

Linear Expansion

Volume expansion1

A 100 cm3 aluminum cup (r = 10 cm) is completely filled w/ glycerin @ 22 °C. How much glycerin spills out if the temp of the cup and glycerin is raised to 28 °C? Al = 23 x 10-6/°C gl = 5.1 x 10-4/°C

Volume Expansion

Pv nrt

A cylinder contains 12 L of oxygen at 20° C and 15 ATM. The temperature is raised to 35° C and the volume is reduced to 8.5 L. What is the final pressure of the gas?


Pv nrt1

A quantity of gas at 10 °C and pressure of 100 kPa, occupies a volume of 2.5 m3. How many moles of gas are present? If the pressure is raised to 300 kPa, and the temp raised to 30 °C, how much volume will the gas occupy?



Oxygen gas having a volume of 1000 cm3 at 1.01 x 105 Pa, and temp of 40 °C. How many moles are there?


Ke rms


A gas mixture consists of molecules of type 1, 2, 3 such that m1 > m2 > m3 . Rank the avg. KE and the vrms greatest first.

Pv nrt2


If 3 m3 of a gas initially at STP (1 atm, 0°C) is placed under a pressure of 4 atm, the temperature of the gas rises to 38°C, what is the final volume?

Volume expansion

A ½ liter of water at 30°C is cooled with the removal of 63 kJ of heat. What is the final temperature of the water?

Q mc t

How many joules of heat must be added to 5 kg of water to bring it to the boiling point?


Volume expansion

A 0.25 kg cup at 20°C is filled with 0.25 kg of boiling coffee. The cup and the coffee come to thermal equilibrium at 80°C. If no heat is lost, what is the specific heat of the cup’s material?

Volume expansion

A 0.4 kg sample of methanol (cmethanol = 2550 J/kg°C) at 16°C is mixed with 0.5 kg of water at 85°C. Assume that there is no heat loss to the surroundings. What is the final

temperature of the


Volume expansion

A 0.4 kg iron horseshoe (ciron = 448 J/kg°C) that is initially 500 °C is dropped into a bucket containing 20 kg of water at 22°C. What is the final equilibrium temperature?

Volume expansion

A piece of copper ( mCu=.15 kg) is heated to 100°C and put into a calorimeter cup containing 0.2 kg of water at 20 °C. The final temperature is measured to be 25 °C . If the aluminum cup has a mass of 0.045 kg, what is the specific heat of copper? (cAl=900 J/kg °C)

Volume expansion

A piece of metal with mass of 0.15 kg is heated to 400°C and then placed in a 0.20 kg aluminum calorimeter cup containing 0.4 kg water at 10°C. If the final temperature of the mixture is 30.5°C, what is the specific heat of the metal? (cAl=900 J/kg °C)

Phase change

How much heat is needed to change the temperature of a piece of ice, whose mass is 720 g at -10°C to a liquid at 15°C ?

Phase change

Phase change1

How many joules are required to turn 800 grams of ice at -20 °C to steam at 135 °C. CW=4186 J/kg °C , Cice=2100 J/kg °C , Csteam=2010 J/kg °C,

LV=2.26 x 106 J/kg

LF=3.33 x 105 J/kg

Phase Change

Phase change2

A volume of 0.5 L of water at 16ºC is put into an aluminum ice tray of mass 0.250 kg at the same temperature. How much energy must be removed from this system by the refrigerator to turn the water into ice at - 8 ºC ? (cal = 900 J/kg ºC, cice = 2100 J/kg ºC)

Phase Change

Volume expansion

A 175 g lump of molten lead at its melting point 327ºC is dropped into 55 g of water at 20ºC . If there is no heat loss to the outside, what is the final temperature of

the mixture if the

water remains in

the liquid state?

(clead = 128 J/kgºC,

Lf,lead = 2.45 x 104 J/kg)

Volume expansion

A wall is made up of equal areas of wood (k = 0.1 JmC) and glass (k = 0.84 JmC). The glass is 0.50 cm thick and the wood is 4.0 cm thick. For the same temperature difference, which conducts more heat, and how many times more?

Heat flow

Calculate the rate of heat flow through a glass window 2 m by 1.5 m in area and 3.2 mm thick if the temperatures at the inner and outer surfaces are 15C and 14 C. (kglass = 0.84 J/smC).

Heat Flow

Heat flow1

400 ml of water at 60C is placed in closed Styrofoam cup that is 1.5 mm thick and has a surface area of 850 cm2. The outside air has a constant temp of 20C . The thermal conductivity of Styrofoam is 0.033 J/smC. What is the heat flow through the cup. How long would it take for the water to cool from 60 C to 50 C?

Heat Flow

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