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Dorothea's History. DOB: April, 4th, 1802Her childhood nickname was Dolly"Her family was abusive and harshHer father was an alcoholic priest, he also taught her how to read.Her mother was mentally illAt the age of 12 she had to raise her family. Dorothea's Teaching Career. She eventually moved

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Dorothea Dix

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1. Dorothea Dix By: Silas Bush Derek Wu

2. Dorothea’s History DOB: April, 4th, 1802 Her childhood nickname was “Dolly” Her family was abusive and harsh Her father was an alcoholic priest, he also taught her how to read. Her mother was mentally ill At the age of 12 she had to raise her family

3. Dorothea’s Teaching Career She eventually moved to her grandmother’s house, or in this case, mansion. Her grandmother only wanted her to become a proper lady. Edward Bangs, her second cousin, gave Dix her first teaching job. He later proposed to Dix. Dix uneasily accepted. When Dix wrote a letter to her grandmother of establishing her own school. Surprisingly, her grandmother agreed. Dix later rejected Bangs out of guilt in the fact that she knew she couldn't ever lead a happy life as a mother and wife.

4. Dorothea’s Jail and Mental Institution Reforms

5. After Dorothea’s Reforms When the Civil War began, Dix was assigned Superintendent of United States Army Nurses. She lacked the social skills needed to be an effective Superintendent. Unfortunately, when Dix worked again for the mentally ill after the way, success was small. This was due to the massive immigration, and thus, increasing population of mentally ill, with no proper facility to contain all of them. Dix retired when she was 79 years old. She would not mention about her efforts and successes, and she avoided people who asked about her life. She died in 1887.

6. Question Discuss Dorothea’s childhood life, teaching career, and her reforms. Explain the significance of her reforms.

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