Submitting 241 1 metadata and products
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Submitting 241.1 Metadata and Products:. Options and Decision-Making for Your Site. Jannean Elliott Office of Scientific and Technical Information 2012 STIP Working Meeting. But it is…………. A defined “set” of metadata for a defined suite of product types

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Submitting 241 1 metadata and products

Submitting 241.1 Metadata and Products:

Options and Decision-Making for Your Site

Jannean Elliott

Office of Scientific and Technical Information

2012 STIP Working Meeting

But it is
But it is………….

A defined “set” of metadata for a defined suite of product types

An interactive, input interface (Announcement Notice) in E-Link

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Tagged acquisitions protocols tap
Tagged Acquisitions Protocols (TAP)

User Interface

Machine to Machine


(No log-in


241.1 Web Service

(E-Link ID/password needed to initiate a transaction)

AN 241.1 on the web

(Log into E-Link)

Batch Upload

(Log into E-Link)

  • OSTI-to-Site TAP = “Pull” Operation

    • Harvesting

Harvesting was introduced early in the 2000s and is embraced now by 11 sites













Harvesting embraced now by 11 sites

No log-in to E-Link

Some customization allowed.

Some translation of values via look-up tables allowed

Some defaults of values allowed

Records can be updated/edited in site database, which triggers automatic re-harvest in the next, scheduled run.

Upfront programming and testing required

Records can be edited in E-Link but cannot be reharvested after that. Also, edit in the site database is a separate procedure.

Desired changes by either OSTI or site require programming and re-testing on both ends.

Does not allow access-limited submission. Records must be UNL and be posted for public (and Google crawl) access

All metadata records can be uploaded as one file. Speed not an issue.

UNL and Access Limited records (metadata) can be submitted in the same upload transaction. Same security as Batch Upload system.

Two ways to transmit the full text: FTP the full text or retrieve and edit the submitted record and attach the full text.

No log-in to E-Link required; script can generate authentication parameters.

241.1 Web Service (API)

Requires upfront programming to set up the scripts.

But total flexibility for level of automation. Every step (timing, output from site DB, POST to OSTI, match returned info with FT to rename, and FTP of FT) can be fully automated by a savvy programmer.

Must obtain valid E-Link account, however

Site has control over timing of submissions. Any day, any time, any frequency. No need to call OSTI to have “runs” manually re-done.

Uses same DTD as batch

Support of All Media Types? an issue.

But when a site is ready to do it, we can easily add the fields for the metadata and allow submitter to email or FTP a video to OSTI.

Batch, Harvesting, and 241.1 Web Service are alike in these ways:

  • The output from the site is an XML file. It must be XML compliant.

  • Some level of programming effort required upfront

    • Batch Yes Level of Effort = 1 (minimal)

    • Harvesting Yes Level of Effort = 2 (intermediate)

    • Web Service Yes Level of Effort = 3 (advanced)

  • Quick feedback on successfully loaded or failed records

  • Submitter’s responsibilities are the same:

    • Periodic review of records in E-Link expected

    • Correction (or update) of records in site database

    • Re-submission of corrected or updated records and/or products

  • E-Link continues to perform its functions for all of the 241.1 submittal options:

    Validation of submitted site URLs

    Validation of submitted DOI’s from a site

    Obtains DOIs for JA products if the DOI field comes in empty

    Assigns DOI’s to technical reports

    Indexes metadata and sends records through an enhancement operation that adds controlled vocabulary to enhance retrieval

    Automatically caches full text, whether the full text is linked to or physically transmitted and makes it available to OSTI’s full text indexing engine.

    Caches multimedia files if they are in a format that can be downloaded by the system

    Decision-making: 241.1 submittal options:

    What works best for your site and

    your information?