The love apple
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The love apple. Unit 1, Chapter 3, p23. PRE-READING. What is your favorite food?. What is your favorite vegetable?. What can you make with tomatoes?. What do you know about the history of the tomato?. What are tomatoes ?. Fruit? or Vegetables? Berries. Tomato is a kind of berry.

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The love apple

The love apple

Unit 1, Chapter 3, p23

What are tomatoes
What are tomatoes?





Tomato is a kind of berry
Tomato is a kind of berry.

What is a berry?

Fast reading

Look at the words and definitions next to the reading.

Don’t worry about the new words.

Don’t stop to use a dictionary.


Before reading
Before reading…

A foodie: (informal) a person who knows about and enjoys good food

Came before: had to be decided by (someone important)

Imported: brought into a country to sell

Justices: judges

Poisonous: very dangerous to eat or drink

A recipe: a set of instructions for cooking something

Careful reading

Now, let’s talk about the target vocabulary before reading carefully.



What kind of taxes are there in Turkey?

The money you pay to the government when you buy something



People eat the roots of carrots and potatoes.

Part of a plant under the ground



What is the basis for the belief of heaven?

Reason, the most important part of something



In winter, it is usually snowy in this area.

Part of a city, place or space



The doctor considers that the man is not so sick.

Think carefully about something



My father doesn’t want to sell his house. He doesn’t accept the money.

Agree to, receive

Come out
Come out


The first film came out in 1856 in Turkey.

Become known, happen

Change their minds
Change their minds


The players changed their minds, and they wore the blue uniform.

Think differently, decide on something different



The firefighters serve for people. They save people from fires.

To work for someone



A great tree comes out of a small seed.

A fruit or vegetable grow out of it

No doubt
No doubt


No doubt, it is a very fun sport.

Something very true, certainly



Once, my mother took me to the zoo.

Sometime in the past, one time



Two of the players got a red card, so naturally they lost the match.

Normally happens, not different



Which animals are highly dangerous?

Very, greatly, in high level



ReyhanArabacıoğlu couldn’t win the gold medal in his career yet.

Now, still, so far

Quick c omprehension check
Quick Comprehension Check

Read the sentences about the reading and decide if they are true or false.

1. Cooks use tomatoes in several parts of the world.


2. The tomato is a kind of fruit.


3. Tomatoes were called vegetables by U.S. law.


4. The first tomato grew in Italy.


5. The tomato plant looks like a plant that can kill you.


6. A U.S. president introduced tomatoes to Europeans.



Read the these questions about “The Love Apple.” scan the reading and write short answers.

2 what are three examples of countries where tomatoes are an important food
2. What are three examples of countries where tomatoes are an important food?

Italy, Mexico, India

4 where did the first wild tomatoes grow
4. Where did the first wild tomatoes grow? decision?

In South America

6 what is deadly nightshade
6. What is deadly nightshade? decision?

A highly poisonous plant that is a relative of the tomato.

8 who was thomas jefferson
8. Who was Thomas Jefferson? decision?

A president of the United States who served tomatoes in the white House

Sentences with because
Sentences with Because decision?

1. The tomato is a fruit because ………...............................

it is the part of the plant holding the seeds.

2. The U.S. Supreme Court called the tomato a vegetable because …. …………………………

most people cooked and ate tomatoes more likely vegetables than like fruit.

3. Many people thought it was dangerous to eat tomatoes because ………………………………………………..

they thought it was poisonous.

4. Thomas Jefferson was important in the history of the tomato because………………………………………

he served tomatoes to guests at White House dinners and helped get people to accept the tomato as good as to eat.

Summarizing decision?



popular vegetable

South America


Mexico, Europe, and the U.S.

It looks like a poisonous plant, nightshade.

  • What is a summary?

  • A summary is a short report on a longer reading. It has only the main information.

    • The tomato is a_________, but many people consider it a ___________. It is the second most ____________________ in _______________. Tomatoes first grew in _________________ and later became popular in ______________________________. People in Europa and the United States did not accept them at first because _________________________.

Thank you
THANK YOU decision? 