Multimedia project life cycle
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Multimedia Project Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multimedia Project Management

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Presentation Transcript
Multimedia project life cycle l.jpg

Multimedia Project life cycle

Purpose l.jpg

  • The purpose of this Presentation is to define the life cycle of any multimedia project.

The problems l.jpg
The Problems

  • Missing data.

  • changing the data.

  • Unpublished work plan.

  • Low management.

  • Due date is missing

Why process l.jpg
Why process ?

  • Clear Work plan.

  • Team management.

  • Monitor & Control

  • Risk management.

  • Due Date.

  • Client satisfaction.

Process phases l.jpg
Process Phases

  • Preparation Phase.

  • Development Phase.

  • Deliver Phase.

Multimedia process life cycle l.jpg
Multimedia Process life Cycle

Deliver Phase

Preparation Phase

Development Phase

Project request l.jpg
Project Request

  • New project should be started and initiated by a request form .

  • Approval from the higher management.

Project initiation meeting l.jpg
Project Initiation Meeting

  • Understanding the project details and discuss the requirements and data status.

  • Project flow chart.

Project requirement document l.jpg
Project Requirement Document

  • The requirement document will be the guide through the development of the project and will be a check list in the delivery form at the end of the project.

  • Requirement document should be under version control and change request process.

Content gathering and data validation l.jpg
Content gathering and Data Validation

  • Each project will have its forms template according to the project type.

  • It is not accepted to start the project before ensuring of the completeness of data.

  • language and scientific approval .

Look and feel l.jpg
Look and Feel

  • Project Design theme.

  • Acceptance form.

  • Changing in the theme is so critical Later.

  • Acceptance should be within certain time.

Storyboard l.jpg

  • Sponsor know exactly what will be delivered.

  • Technical team will know exactly what work should be done.

Kickoff meeting l.jpg
Kickoff meeting

  • Publish Work Plan.

  • All stakeholders of the project attending this meeting.

Design and media manipulation l.jpg
Design and media manipulation

  • Tasks should be assigned to the team members after ensuring that each one understood his assigned task and be informed with the due time.

Development phase 1 l.jpg
Development Phase 1

  • Team Work Plan.

Prototype l.jpg

  • Contains project screens, links, media locations and main functions

  • The prototype acceptance form should be signed.

Development phase 2 l.jpg
Development Phase 2

  • Prototype Notes.

  • Team Work Plan Continued.

Validation l.jpg

  • A beta version from the project should be delivered to the sponsor for reviewing the data placement and all the media in the project.

Testing l.jpg

  • Testing for project final version.

Documentation l.jpg

  • Project documents, reports, mails and source code should be documented for further usage or for planning to any new versions.

Deliver close l.jpg
Deliver & Close

  • A Final version of the project should be delivered to the sponsor.

  • Project is Closed.

Change control procedure l.jpg
Change Control Procedure

  • Change Request Form.

Change control cycle l.jpg

Change request

System Review Board (SRB)


Changing in work plan

  • Change in Requirement document.

  • Configuration control Board (CCB)


Inform stakeholders

Process the change

Change Control Cycle

System review board srb l.jpg
System review board (SRB)

  • Technical team Level meeting.

Configuration control board ccb l.jpg
Configuration control board (CCB)

  • CCB is the higher level of review board, it is for the strategically decision which approve or disapprove the SRB results.

  • concerns the changes that will affect the budget considerations, priorities, etc .