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Agenda. Brainstorm ActivityTypes of PlanningFour Essential QuestionsVideo: Planning an Integrated UnitSteps in Unit PlanningAssignment

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1. Planning EDUC 4615 Junior ABQ Methods

2. Agenda Brainstorm Activity Types of Planning Four Essential Questions Video: Planning an Integrated Unit Steps in Unit Planning Assignment # 2

3. Brainstorm in your Group Why do we need to plan?

4. Types of Planning Long Range Plans Serves as a curriculum road map Enables teacher to: see the year as a whole focus on overall expectations for the year organize the curriculum for balance integrate across subjects allows for the use of and sharing of resources “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

5. Short Term Plans Like the stops (itinerary) along the curriculum journey Enables teacher to: design the delivery of the program content incorporate student interests help students see connections promote the development of autonomy through choice

6. Learning Centers Provide opportunities for students to work together in small groups Enable children to: Interact, share and co-operate with one another Reinforce, practice, apply and refine previous learning Participate in discovery learning Develop autonomy (presented with choice)

7. Weekly/Daily Plans map out and confirm timetabling possibilities Lesson Plans provide the framework for the important lessons in your themes, topics or units outlines the specific learning expectations as well as assessment and evaluation strategies consider teaching strategies and resources

9. The Four Essential Questions What shall we teach? How shall we teach? How can we organize it? How can we assess? Regardless of the type of planning, long range, unit planning or lesson planning, there are always four questions that need to be considered.

10. Ralph Tyler shortens the above four questions to three which are described below.

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