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Agile ocio
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Agile oCIO. Ministry Of Justice, April 2010. oCIO Scope of Work. Effectivness. Strategic Alignment. Efficiency. Supply the right IT Services. Ask for the right IT Services. Supply IT Services right. KPI’s. ALM. Schedule. Risk Mng. Scope. Resource planning.

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Agile oCIO

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Agile ocio

Agile oCIO

Ministry Of Justice, April 2010

Ocio scope of work

oCIO Scope of Work


Strategic Alignment


Supply the right

IT Services

Ask for the right

IT Services


IT Services right

Agile ocio







Resource planning

Project Life cycle

Resource Management


Capacity Planning

Portfolio Mng.

Demand Mng.


And if that s not enough

And if that’s not enough…

Different Teams – Different Flavors

Agile ocio

Where to begin? What’s the most cost effective area?

How long will it take till we see some benefits?

How to keep management Happy?

How to allow flexibility and yet have a structured process?

How to obtain Buy-in

Step i understand your organization

Step I Understand your organization

Agile core value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Different people different approach to change

Different People – Different approach to change

“Hit me baby, one more time”

“I’m still thinking about it, you didn’t prove the value yet”

“What change? There’s a change? I never heard of it…”

“Ha, that’s never gonna work”

Step ii recognize the pain different people suffer from different things

Step IIRecognize the pain(different people, suffer from different things)

  • Management :

  • No visibility

  • Decision making is lacking

  • Fire-Fighting mode

  • Looking for accountability

  • Employees :

  • Work load

  • “No one asked me…”

  • Seeking recognition & appreciation

  • No clear expectations

Agile core value: Build projects around motivated individuals

Step iii value now

Step IIIValue NOW

Simple Process

Agile core value: Satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery

Step iv get the bees commitment the rest will follow

Step IVGet the Bees commitment(the rest will follow)

Bacon & Eggs breakfast



Agile core value: Business people and developers must work together

Step v provide tools not documents

Step VProvide Tools not Documents

Agile core value: Working software over comprehensive documentation

Step vi adjust

Step VIAdjust

Agile core value: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Step vii adjust some more

Step VIIAdjust some more

Agile core value: Responding to change over following a plan

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