Skelton system disorders
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Skelton system Disorders. By: Donte Lampley. Leilani - Spina Bifida. A birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spine Insufficient amount of acid during pregnacy Signs and symptoms Tuft of hair, collection of fat, dislocation. Samantha- Scoliosis.

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Skelton system disorders

Skelton system Disorders

By: DonteLampley

Leilani spina bifida
Leilani- Spina Bifida

  • A birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spine

  • Insufficient amount of acid during pregnacy

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Tuft of hair, collection of fat, dislocation

Samantha scoliosis
Samantha- Scoliosis

  • Abnormal curve of the spine

  • Birth defects, injury to spine are possible causes of scoliosis

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Uneven shoulders, uneven hips, and uneven shoulder blades

Laura dislocation
Laura- dislocation

  • A joint injury that forces the ends of bone out of position

  • Causes fall and sports

  • Sign and symptoms

    • Swelling, pain, and immovable

Raegan blount s disease
Raegan- Blount’s disease

  • Growth disorder aspect of the lower legs

  • Unknown causes

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Swelling, pain, and immovable

Brannen osteonencraosis
Brannen- Osteonencraosis

  • When blood doesn’t get to the bone, mouth, hip, and knee

  • Steroids and alcohol could be a facter

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Pain and swelling in the joints

Donte fractures
Donte- Fractures

  • Medical term for broken bone

  • Causes forces exerted on the bone

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Swellingand deformity

Zach talipe equinovarus
Zach- talipeequinovarus

  • Foot turns inward and downward

  • Causes unknown

  • Signs and Symptoms

    • Foot turns inward and downward

Kruti osteomalacia
Kruti- osteomalacia

  • Problem for bones to break down the use of vitamins

  • Causes cancer, liver disease, low levels of vitamin D.

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Bone fractures

Andru osteochondritis dissecans
Andru- Osteochondritisdissecans

  • Cartilage or bone splints

  • Cause fragments separate

  • Pain in physical activity swelling, and immobilization are signs and symptoms.

Ericka lordosis
Ericka- Lordosis

  • Abnormal curve of spine in lumbar region

  • Causes obesity and osteoprosis

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Back pain, swelling in back, large gap from floor to back

Cj osgood schlatter s disease
Cj- Osgood Schlatter’s disease

  • Know as O.S.D. pain lump below know knee cap

  • Cause by constant pulling of patela

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Pain at lower knee cap

Noel p aget s disease
Noel- Paget’s Disease

  • Causes bone to grow too large and weak

  • Signs and symptoms- pain in bones and broken bones

Jessica osteomyelitis
Jessica- osteomyelitis

  • Inflammation of bone marrow

  • Causes long term use of steroids

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Fever and pain

Jonathan gout
Jonathan- gout

  • Metabolic disease by painful inflammation of the foot area

  • Causes- uric acid in body

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Pain in joints, fever in area of gout is warm

Sean p oliomyelitis
Sean- Poliomyelitis

  • Targets the nervous system

  • Causes person to person contact

  • Signs and Symptoms

    • Abnormal reflexes

    • stiff neck

    • trouble lifting head when on back

    • Genetic discomfort

Taylor chondromalacia
Taylor- Chondromalacia

  • Abnormal softness of cartilage in the patella

  • Causes overuse and repetitive stress

  • Signs and symptoms

    • popping or cracking sounds,

    • acute or climax pain

Kathy r heumatoid a rthritis
Kathy- Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Chronic inflammatory disorder that affects small joints

  • Causes are unknown but scientist think it is genetics

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Morning sickness

    • numbness

Arianna leukemia
Arianna- Leukemia

  • Cancer of the white blood cells

  • Causes increase in age, genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Excessive bleeding

    • Fever

    • Easily bruising

    • Repeated infections

Alexis g ewing sarcoma
Alexis G.- Ewing Sarcoma

  • cancer that involves tumor which grows in long bones around tissue

  • Causes are unknown

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Pain/swellingat the tumor

    • fever

Ashley osteogenesis i mperfecta
Ashley- Osteogenesis Imperfecta

  • Causes extreme fragile bones, it is a congenital genetic disease

  • Cause by defected in genes (inherited from parents)

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Frequent fractures

    • Blue sclera

    • Dental problems

Alexis coxa v ara
Alexis- Coxa Vara

  • Deformity in which an inward curvature of the hip

  • Causes unknown but may be genetic

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Stiffness

    • Pain in hip joint

    • One leg longer than other

John kyphosis
John- Kyphosis

  • Curving of spine which leads to bounding of the back

  • Causes disorders disease

  • Signs and symptoms

    • Difficulty breathing

    • back pain

    • hunchback

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