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The uk wordsearch
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The UK: wordsearch. Mgr. Šárka Jurajdová. VY_32_INOVACE_AJ3r0219. A wordsearch. Clues :. (1) One of the national parks in England ( 2) A way to address the Queen ( 3) The most famous lake in Scotland ( 4) The oldest university in England ( 5) A national “song” with a ceremonial role

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The UK: wordsearch

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The uk wordsearch

The UK: wordsearch

Mgr. Šárka Jurajdová


A wordsearch

A wordsearch



(1) One of the national parks in England

(2) A way to address the Queen

(3) The most famous lake in Scotland

(4) The oldest university in England

(5) A national “song” with a ceremonial role

(6) The name of the castle being official residence of the monarch

(7) An aristocrat, a member of the House of Lords

(8) The national flower of Scotland symbolizing resistance against England

(9) The national flower of Northern Ireland symbolizing the Holy Trinity

(10) Animals often grazing on the Scottish hills

The uk wordsearch

(11) The surname of the British Prime Ministerfollowing Tony Blair

(12) One of the British chief crops

(13) The highest mountain in Britain

(14) A city in England, famous for the remnants of Roman Empire

(15) British Parliament consists of the House of Lords and House of ________

(16) The castle in Wales where the investitures of Princes of Wales take place

(17) The guards of the Tower of London, Yeoman Warders

(18) Who is next in line to the throne after Prince Charles?

(19) The biggest national park in Wales, named after its highest mountain

(20) What does the sovereign wear on their head?

The uk wordsearch

(21) A creature which according to a legend built the famous causeway in Northern Ireland

(22) A famous brand of cars made in England – Rolls-_____________________

(23) The famous clock tower in London, named after the bell in it

(24) The first thing, one can see when arriving to England by sea are the White cliffs of _______________

(25) The capital city of Northern Ireland

(26) Famous Scottish alcoholic liquid

(27) The unique Scottish skirt

The uk wordsearch

(28) The part of Britain, capital of which is Cardiff

(29) A creature depicted on the Welsh flag

(30) A huge wooden pole which the Scottish Highlanders toss to find out who is the strongest one

(31) The national flower of England

(32) The most renowned public school in England

(33) The biggest lake in the United Kingdom

(34) Great Britain is not a part of the mainland, it’s an ____________________.


Local legend says that when the nearby village church clock strikes midnight the horse goes down to drink at a small stream. There are even some locals who claim to have seen this with their own eyes.



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