update on administrative furlough
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Update on Administrative Furlough

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Update on Administrative Furlough - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on Administrative Furlough. Labor Management Partnership Meeting 14 February 2013. Notification — Potential Administrative Furlough. Congressional notification of administrative furlough Up to 176 hours for remainder of FY13 ~16 hours/pay period Administrative vs. shutdown furlough.

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update on administrative furlough

Update on Administrative Furlough

Labor Management Partnership Meeting

14 February 2013

notification potential administrative furlough
Notification — Potential Administrative Furlough
  • Congressional notification of administrative furlough
    • Up to 176 hours for remainder of FY13
    • ~16 hours/pay period
  • Administrative vs. shutdown furlough

Office of the Director

employees subject to administrative furlough
Employees Subject to Administrative Furlough
  • All employees subject to furlough – minimal exceptions
    • Civilians deployed in combat zone
    • Safety of life or property – only to extent needed to prevent unacceptable risk or catastrophic gaps in the safety and protection of life or property
      • Note: all medical service civilian employees are subject to furlough except those that provide 24-hour inpatient care or emergency service, and personnel providing ancillary services directly supporting the 24-hour inpatient care and emergency services
    • Employees funded 100% with non-appropriated funds
    • Employees exempt by law (employees appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate - PAS)
    • Foreign nationals only if furlough exceptions are required by SOFA

Note: only rare exceptions; require approval by SECNAV and OSD (P&R)

Office of the Director

notification schedule
Notification & Schedule
  • Notification process
    • Congress — ~14/15 February
    • Unions — ~14/15 February
      • I & I bargaining — 50% of civilian workforce represented by ~500 bargaining units (30 days)
    • Proposal letter on furlough given to employees
      • At least 30 days’ notice – ~15 March
      • Signed by proposing official (person who otherwise would sign an adverse action)
      • Hand-delivered or certified mail
    • Furlough decision letter given to employees
      • Presented on effective date of furlough – late April
      • Signed by deciding official (person authorized to grant relief)
      • Hand-delivered or certified mail

Scheduling of furlough days is subject to local bargaining requirements

Office of the Director

general furlough planning
General Furlough Planning
  • Limited to up to 176 hours – ≤22 days through end of FY
    • ~16 hours/pay period
  • BSO Commanders determine hours/time dependent upon mission requirements
    • BSO Commanders may delegate the coordination and scheduling of furloughs to carry out mission requirements
    • Note: scheduling of furlough days is subject to local bargaining requirements
  • Commands & USMC prohibited from using contract funding or premium pay (comp or overtime) to offset furloughs
  • Commands may not transfer inherently governmental work to contractors
  • Furloughed employees prohibited from working from home or on-site on furlough days — employees may not volunteer
  • Furloughed employees may not substitute paid leave or other time off for furlough time

Office of the Director

furlough information employees
Furlough Information - Employees
  • Pay – ~20% reduction in base & locality pay through end of FY
  • Benefits & TSP – varies and depends on plan
    • Employer contributions reduced if tied to % of base pay
  • Furlough – treated like LWOP for leave accrual and benefit purposes
    • After each segment of 80 furlough hours, annual and sick leave not earned in that pay period; repeated for every 80 hours furloughed
  • Impact on high 3 — generally no effect
  • WGIs – depends on length of furlough and employee waiting period
  • Holidays – if a furlough includes both the last workday before the holiday and the first workday after the holiday, employees will not receive holiday pay
  • Outside employment – must adhere to federal ethics requirements
  • Severance pay — no
  • Unemployment compensation — depends on state requirements

Office of the Director

recap of key dates
Recap of Key Dates
  • ~Feb 14/15
    • Congressional notification
    • Union notification, Labor Management Partnership Mtg.
    • FAQs, master brief issued to Command DCHRs
    • Sec Garcia issues guidance on exceptions
  • Feb 27
    • Requests for rare exceptions due ASN (M&RA) via OCHR
  • Mar 1
    • SECNAV reviews exception requests
    • Sequester deadline
  • Mar 18-22
    • Employees officially notified of proposal to furlough
  • Mar 25-29
    • Employee reply period
  • Mar 27
    • Continuing Resolution expires
  • Late April
    • Potential furlough of employees begins

Office of the Director

taking care of people
Taking care of people
  • Civilian workforce incredibly talented and dedicated
  • Civilian impact from fiscal uncertainty and potential furlough
    • Fiscal hardship for employees dedicated to public service
  • Committed to keeping employees informed
    • FAQs
    • Fact sheets
    • Briefings

Office of the Director



Forward all questions to [email protected]



furlough information for hr community
Furlough Information for HR Community
  • Mechanics
    • Employees pre-determined by DoD as excepted (civilians in combat zone) do not receive a letter
    • Employees excepted before 15 March do not receive a letter
    • Employees not excepted by 15 March receive a proposal letter to be furloughed
    • If employees are excepted at a later time, they will receive a decision letter of no furlough
    • Employees not excepted will receive a furlough decision letter with details about their furlough
  • Employees default to furlough status — BSO Commanders will identify specific exceptions on spreadsheets — due to be submitted to ASN (M&RA) for consideration and approval by SECNAV – 27 February
  • Furlough code for timekeeping — KE

Note: only rare exceptions; require approval by SECNAV and OSD (P&R)

Office of the Director

notional timeline furlough
Notional Timeline - Furlough

Office of the Director