Kick off meeting tuesday august 28 2008
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Kick-off Meeting Tuesday August 28, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kick-off Meeting Tuesday August 28, 2008. Agenda. MBAA Overview Our vision Roles and responsibilities Cabinet introductions FY Elections and Timeline Available positions Election logistics Application timeline Q & A. MBAA Overview. What is the MBAA?. Two distinct roles:

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Kick off meeting tuesday august 28 2008

Kick-off MeetingTuesday August 28, 2008


  • MBAA Overview

    • Our vision

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Cabinet introductions

  • FY Elections and Timeline

    • Available positions

    • Election logistics

    • Application timeline

  • Q & A

What is the MBAA?

  • Two distinct roles:

    • Traditional student government

      • Represent student interests to administration

      • Vote on matters effecting entire student body

    • Governing board for all clubs “corporate”

      • Allocate and manage finances for all clubs

      • Hold club leadership to accountability standards

      • Set and communicate organizational strategy

Our Roles


  • Ultimate responsibility for strategy of MBAA

  • Ultimate Responsibility for outward facing MBAA communication:

    • Administration, Alumni, Community, Duke University, Media, Prospective Students

  • Responsibility for FY Section Representatives

  • Responsibility for evaluating Vice-President

  • Final arbiter on matters of MBAA authority

Our Roles


  • Ultimate responsibility for oversight of leadership and programming of all MBAA clubs

  • Ultimate Responsibility for inward facing MBAA communication:

    • Cabinet, Clubs, Student Body

  • Responsibility for management of MBAA cabinet

  • Responsibility for cabinet evaluations

Our Roles


  • Responsibility for managing MBAA financial matters (in coordination with Treasurer)

  • Responsibility for developing accountability and evaluation standards for all clubs (in coordination with the Executive Officer & Treasurer)

  • Responsibility for conducting and facilitating weekly meetings

2007-2008 Cabinet

  • Academics

  • Admissions

  • Career

  • Communications

  • Culture*

  • Executive Officer

  • International*

  • Student Life*

  • Technology

  • Treasurer

* Denotes executive officers with voting members on extended cabinet

Executive Director

Susan Hazard

  • Develop accountability standards for all MBAA clubs

  • Monitor club activities and measure club performance

  • Oversee the budget allocation process

  • Oversee chartering of new clubs

  • Ensure that Fuqua brand is well represented by chartered clubs

Academics Executive Officer

Andrea Pawliczek

  • Communicate to students important academic information

  • Support Fuqua participation in academic competitions

  • Promote academic and classroom standards at Fuqua

  • Work to integrate professors in other activities at Fuqua

Admissions Executive Officer

Erika Hamilton

  • MBAA Liaison to Office of Admissions

    • Ensure brand consistency on Class Visits, Tours, Student/Prospective Pairing with Clubs, Admissions Fellows Interviews

  • Coordinates Admissions-sponsored weekends (Weekend for Women, Minority Workshop)

  • Manages Admissions Message Boards

Career Executive Officer

Ben Pinsky

  • Strategic

    • Prepare students for the job search

      • MBAA Programming

      • Assistance to/coordination with the career clubs

  • Feedback

    • Provide feedback to CMC regarding student viewpoints and perspective

    • Assist in communication from CMC to student body regarding key activities and initiatives

Communications Executive Officer

Vasu Rangaswami

  • Communications/marketing support for MBAA, clubs, and students in general

  • Filter/standards-bearer/regulator of all MBAA-sponsored communications

  • Day-to-day MBAA Communications Operations: Mallway signs, Emails, FuquaWorld, MBAA Digest etc.

  • Maintain and enforce school-wide communication policy

  • Yearbook publication

Technology Executive Officer

Kevin Chu

  • Club/organization web spaces

  • FuquaWorld

    • Calendaring

    • Front page advertising

  • Communication between MBAA and Fuqua IT department

  • Club resources

    • ViewsFlash polls

    • Web development for clubs


Damian Kassack

  • Manages MBAA Club Budget

  • Allocates funding to clubs

  • Deals with tricky situations

  • Oversees Club Controllers

  • Works with Accounting department

Culture Executive Officers

Kim Arrington and Yosup Shim

  • Promote

    • Promote “Team Fuqua”

  • Respect

    • Respect and celebrate the diversity of students

  • Initiate

    • Initiate new events and activities

  • Develop

    • Develop enhanced relationships between groups

  • Encourage

    • Encourage individuals to pursue action

  • Culture: Diversity Chair

    Arjun Dutt

    • Leverage the diversity at Fuqua in a way that it enhances the learning and experience of the Fuqua community

    • Understand the needs of minority groups and cater to some of their needs so that they feel more comfortable and at home at Fuqua

    Culture: Service Chair

    Michelle Mapel

    • Leads community service initiatives at Fuqua

    • Oversee the MBAA’s House That Fuqua Built program

    • Identifying and organize community service events for Fuqua students

    • Work with Sustainability Chair to reduce Fuqua’s impact on the environment

    • Educate students on synergy of business, community, & the environment

    Culture: Sustainability Chair

    Sally Harrison

    • Identify opportunities to make Fuqua more environmentally-friendly

      • Recycling, water bottles, corn-based cups, etc.

    • Collaborate with the administration, Fox center and students on promoting sustainable practices

    • Educate the community and lend support to student initiatives

    Culture: University Affairs Chair

    Paul Philpott

    • Liaison to Other MBA Programs at Fuqua and at Other Universities

    • Liaison to Duke University and any Schools or Organizations Associated with the University

    • Coordinates the activities of Fuqua’s GPSC Representatives

    International Executive Officer

    Daigo Maeda

    • Provides support and resources for unique challenges faced by international students. Ensures that Fuqua learns from and appreciates its international students.

      • Cater to the needs of international students

      • Obtain and act upon feedback form international students about their needs at Fuqua

      • Build events that further enhance relationships between domestic and international students.

      • Ensure both academic, career, and student life needs of international students are well represented

    International: Career Chair

    Allan Rodriguez

    • Work in coordination with each of the international clubs

    • Train international students on

      • How to start and continue a “lead” from a SIP

      • How to reach out alumni

      • How to conduct an effective informational interview

    • Work closely with the CMC to:

      • Enhance preparation to specific minority job fairs

      • Increase the number of companies open to hire international students

      • Increase the number of international companies hiring at Fuqua to work overseas

    Student Life Executive Officer

    Aparupa Bhattacharya

    • To remind students that being part of Team Fuqua is special, and that they are integral to the student experience at Duke.

    • To ensure that the Duke MBA is inclusive of events that allow students and other members of the Duke community to connect, engage, and socialize with each other.

    Student Life: Social Chairs

    Michael Busche and Inigo Bilbao

    • External and Internal

      • External: Fuqua Prom, 80s party, Halloween, Luau

      • Internal: Fuqua Friday’s, Duke Sporting events, work closely with other clubs to increase attendance and meaning of events

    • Communicate with student body more actively of upcoming events and educate the worthwhile nature of events

    Student Life: FY Transition Chairs

    Erik Balunis, Mary Garris, and Claire Miller

    • To equip all incoming students with the administrative and logistical tools required for successful Fuqua experience

    • To instill the Fuqua culture into the new class and encourage them to develop relationships with the entire Fuqua, Duke, and Durham community

    • To challenge students to realize abundance of tremendous opportunities, stretching their personal and professional limits

    • To communicate the importance of balancing the four key areas of Fuqua life:

      - Academics -Career

      - Leadership -Participant

    FY Positions

    • Section Representatives

      • 1 per section

    • Judicial Representatives

      • 2 representatives for entire FY class

    • Honor Representatives

      • 1 per section

    • FY Curriculum Representative

      • 1 representative for entire FY class

    Section Representatives Overview

    • Leader within the school/FY class

      • Serve as member of and provide input to MBAA Cabinet

      • Meet with deans to discuss FY concerns/perspective

      • Work with professors, administration on classroom issues

      • Plan FY activities and events with fellow Section Reps

      • Coordinate Academic Fellow and other nominations/activities








    Section Representatives- Responsibilities

    • Leader Within the Section

      • Section voice to the faculty, administration, and MBAA

      • Keep section updated on latest information and key events

      • Address any issues that arise within the section

      • Create section cabinet to assist in the coordination/planning of section activities and events

    Section Rep


    Social Chair

    Academic Chair

    Career Chair

    International Chair

    Service Chair

    * Cabinet members also serve on MBAA cabinets

    Section Representatives- Commitment

    • Time commitment

      • Weekly meeting with the MBAA cabinet (Tuesday 12-1 pm)

      • Meetings with Dean Hemmerich (approx. once every 3 weeks)

      • Communications/Meetings with Section Cabinets, section members, other section representatives, professors and other administrators on an as needed basis.

    Judicial Representatives

    • Purpose

      • Enforce the Honor Code through judiciary process

      • Run all student-body elections

      • Promote understanding of / respect for Fuqua Honor Code

    • Basic Info

      • 2 available positions

      • 2-year term

      • Serve on Judicial Board (2 FYs, 2 SYs, 3 faculty)

      • Platform required, but no speech

    • Required Skills

      • Commitment to ethical academic environment

      • Ability to make difficult decisions

      • Desire to promote academic integrity

    Honor Representatives

    • Purpose

      • Provide the link between the FY student section and the Fuqua Judicial Representatives

      • Principal advisors to their Section Representatives and academic instructors on honor matters in the section

    • Basic Info

      • 6 available positions (1 student per section)

      • Students running for HR may not also run for section representative or judicial representative.

      • Platform required, but no speech

    • Required Skills

      • Commitment to Fuqua Honor Code

      • Desire to promote academic integrity

    FY Curriculum Representatives

    • Purpose

      • Serve as voting member* of Fuqua's Curriculum Committee

      • Represent student viewpoint in curriculum discussions

      • Sit on MBAA Academics Cabinet

    • Basic Info

      • 1 available position

      • 2-year term

      • Attend 90-minute, bi-weekly committee meetings

      • Platform required, but no speech

    • Required Skills

      • Desire to shape Fuqua’s academic future

      • Desire to promote student needs

      • Strong communication skills

    Election Logistics


    • Fuqua has a no campaigning policy

    • All candidates must provide a one-page platform to be posted

    • Candidates for Section Representative will be able to make presentations

    Election Logistics


    Sept. 9 - Platforms due at 5pm, please send to

    Andrea Pawliczek ([email protected]) and Sebastian Heilgeist ([email protected])

    Sept. 10 - Platforms posted in mallway

    Sept. 11 - Section Rep Speeches

    Time: 10:30 am-12 pm

    Location: Classrooms A-F

    Sept. 11 – Sept. 13 - Voting Open (after presentations to Thursday, Sept 13 @ 6pm)

    Voting occurs online through a link from FuquaWorld

    Sept. 14 - Results announced

    Application Logistics

    Applications available following the meeting

    Contacts: Please contact MBAA Executive Officers with specific questions

    Sept. 14 – Applications due at 5 pm to Kim Radford, Locker 683