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zebras. Questions . 1: can you tell the different species of a zebra by there stripes?.

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  • 1:can you tell the different species of a zebra by there stripes?

  • A.Yes you Can mountain zebras have narrow stripes that get wider when they get to the closer to there hooves and the grevys zebra has narrow stripes to but they also have one wide stripe going down there back


  • 2:When the zebras are born do they have different stripes?

  • A.Not the actual stripes but the colour is different baby zebras are brown and white at birth


  • 3: Do zebras stripes go on the mane?

Questions there neck

  • 4:Does the zebras food chain affect the colour of the stripes?

A: No The there neckcolour of there stripes don’t change but at birth they are different

Questions there neck

  • 5:Are zebras stripes different to each other?A:Yes zebras stripes are different each zebra has a different patterned or shaped stripes there stripes are like a humans fingerprint

The big question
The big Question!!! there neck

Why do zebras have stripes?

Zebras have stripes to help them camaflage so if a preater came and a pack of zebras were there then it makes it hard to pick a zebra to chase

There are 3 different species of the zebra there neckthe burchell zebrathe gravy's zebras and the mountain zebra

Some of a zebras there neckpredators are cheaters and lions

The end there neck

By Michael