snow leopards penguins zebras
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Snow Leopards, Penguins, Zebras

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Snow Leopards, Penguins, Zebras - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Snow Leopards, Penguins, Zebras. By N astya Mozolevych. Snow Leopards . They are large cats that live in the mountain ranges of Central A sia. They reproduce sexually. Their embryo develops inside.

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snow leopards
Snow Leopards
  • They are largecatsthat live in the mountain ranges of Central Asia.
  • They reproduce sexually.
  • Their embryo develops inside.
  • When the mother gives birth to her cubs, they are blind and helpless. Their eyes can open in seven days, and they can walk in five weeks. In 10 weeks, they are fully weaned.They can leave the den when they are around two-four months, although they remain with their mother. They become independent after around 18–22 months. Once they are independent, they can go.
  • So, the parents care about their young after its birth.
  • They are aquatic, flightless birds.
  • They reproduce sexually by laying eggs.
  • Their embryo develops inside.
  • The eggs have to be incubated for a period of time. Both the male and the female take turns caring for the egg or eggs. Then the young removes itself from the eggs. They must be protected by their parents, until they are able to live independently.
  • So, the parents take care of their young, when they are born.
  • They are several species from horse family united by their black and white stripes.
  • They reproduce sexually.
  • Their embryo develops inside.
  • The foal can walk within 15 minutes of birth. When it’s born, it is brown and white instead of black and white.
  • The mother takes care of her young for up to a yearafter it’s birth.
same things
Same things
  • All of them reproduce sexually.
  • Their embryo develops inside.
  • Their mother takes care of them after they are born.
different things
Different things
  • When they are born, they develop differently.
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