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MarketingPower Website Plan. Revised: March 29, 2010. MarketingPower: Content. 1. Goals. 2. Audience. 3. Content Development. 4. User Experience Building Blocks. 5. Revenue Opportunities. 6. Human Resource Plan. 7. Plan Implementation Summary. Executive Summary: Key Takeaways.

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MarketingPower Website Plan

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MarketingPower Website Plan

Revised: March 29, 2010

MarketingPower: Content

1. Goals

2. Audience

3. Content Development

4. User Experience Building Blocks

5. Revenue Opportunities

6. Human Resource Plan

7. Plan Implementation Summary

Executive Summary: Key Takeaways

  • Content is the single most important driver of all online member and customer engagement

    • Content DRIVES engagement DRIVES revenue

  • A website audit, including an ongoing content gap analysis assessment, is essential to ensuring that the AMA is meeting the informational needs of all member and customer segments

  • An effective gating strategy allowing for sufficient content offerings for members and non-members is critical to enhancing the value proposition of AMA members and increasing non-member conversion

  • Content available /delivered in a User-centric fashion (personalized, unhinged, multiple formats etc.) is the surest way to obtain and retain website visitor engagement

  • An organization-wide adherence to a MarketingPower editorial calendar and content strategy is key to offering website content that will meet the needs of all visitor segments. Interdepartmental cooperation/teamwork and adherence to strategies/guidelines is essential for website success in an environment of de-centralized content management

  • Executive Summary: Key Takeaways

    6. In order to best meet the informational needs of MarketingPower visitors while also fulfilling the business goals of the AMA, both sponsored and non-sponsored content must be offered in all content formats

    • Traffic generation is critical for multiple constituencies including advertisers, sponsors, content partners and the AMA, overall. Increasing traffic to MarketingPower involves a variety of ongoing, proactive steps involving both technology and content authoring

    • An AMA blog featuring multiple voices, frequent and relevant posts and a variety of social media tools is critical to generating traffic and demonstrating thought leadership.

    • It is not sufficient to simply provide quality content on MarketingPower. The AMA must proactively (year-round) promote the availability of its content through a variety of distribution channels including RSS feeds, social media sites, search engines and content directories

    • Revenue opportunities will be significantly enhanced when supported by e-commerce technology (online shopping cart), a successful MarketingPower content strategy allows for a variety of methods for visitors to purchase online content and products

      11. The Web Content department requires sufficient human resources to ensure all defined website objectives are achieved. A website which is frequently refreshed and which offers visitors relevant, valuable content and features is dependent on the availability of human resources supporting it

    1. Goals

    Content Engagement Cycle

    Content Goals

    Website Goals

    Business Goals

    Content Engagement Cycle

    Business growth will be fueled by the quality of the CONTENT. Content quality drives

    audience engagement. Engagement drives/delivers revenue ... and revenue generation

    is business growth

    Content Goals

    Website Goals

    Business Goals

    Obtain a Customer (Who)

    Retain a Customer (How)

    Obtain aCustomer

    Retain a Customer

    • Obtain a Customer + Retain a Customer =

    • Increased revenue

    • Enhanced industry reputation

    • Increased member/customer engagement

    2. Audience

    WHO visits MarketingPower?

    WHY do marketers visit MarketingPower?

    WHO Visits MarketingPower?

    The content of MarketingPower must meet the needs of a diverse audience:






    AMA Members

    Registered Users

    Site Visitors


    • Print

    • Web

    • Resource Directory


    • Event

    • Webcast

    • White paper

    • Content

    • Perk

    Marketing Role


    Marketing Specialist






    • MarketingPower Audience Overview

    • Primary Target Audiences

    • Marketers

      • Members

      • Registered Users

      • Visitors

    • Secondary Target Audiences

      • Advertisers/sponsors

      • Partners

      • Media

    WHY Do Marketers Visit MarketingPower?


    Help me improvemy skills in

    (marketing topic)

    Help me find anew job

    Help me learnmore about amarketing topic

    Help me with amarketing challenge

    Help me connectwith other marketers like me

    Help me becomea member ofthe AMA

    Help me manage mylocal chapter

    3. Content Development






    Content Development: Overview

    Content Creation

    Content Display

    Content Search


    Style Guide:

    Color palette Font style/size Navigation Graphics/images

    Traffic Generation:

    SEO Link Building

    • Audit

    • Build/Acquire

    • Content Format



    Successful WebsiteContent Strategy



    Content Promotion

    Content Distribution




    News aggregators

    Social Bookmarking

    Home pageLanding pagesSocial mediaMarCom campaign

    Content Creation: AuditKey Questions

    A content audit is necessary to create a foundation for focusing ongoing content

    development. The content analysis should provide guidance for ALL future content

    acquisition by addressing the following questions:

    Content Creation: Audit

    • Conduct a site content audit

      Implement a detailed accounting of all content in each of the five website channels (Resource Library, Events, Career Management, Community and About AMA). Inventory categorization would include:

      • content format (categories and types)

      • content linkage: how/where content on one page directs you to other pages

      • primary target audience

      • publishing frequency

    • Develop a topic-based content map

      • Identify content categories (such as template type, purpose, contextual or standalone content etc.)

    • Complete a gap analysis

      • Perform a gap analysis to identify the topics, content formats and audience segments that are not currently addressed

      • Prioritize gaps in relation to content partnership plan and marketer segment needs

    • Create an Editorial Calendar

      • Incorporate edit calendar throughout all areas of site and all content categories (AMA publications, webcasts, podcasts, web content articles etc.)

    • Institutionalize a Rolling Audit

      • Implement content monitoring systems/checkpoints to maintain quality control

      • Ensure needs of all target segments are being equally addressed

    • Create a Metrics Plan

      • Develop a metrics dashboard to track visitor engagement

        • Track by target segment, content format etc.

      • Analyze patterns and use to continuously evolve content sourcing plans

    Content Creation: Build/Acquire

    There are 3 methods of adding content to MarketingPower:

    Content Acquisition




    • Content Partners---articles ---best practices ---white papers ---podcasts●Co-branded research partners

    • Licensed Content●Annual contentsubscription●Pay per contentcategory/unit

    • Pay per application(tools, calculators)

    • Marketing News●Magazines●Journals e - Newsletters●Podcasts●Dictionary●Chapter documents●Blog posts●Tweet●Event Presentations

    Content Creation:Build

    Original Content Creation

    The creation of ORIGINAL content is sourced throughout the AMA organization inclusive of: paid staff, volunteer leaders, speakers, columnists etc.

    Content Creation:Acquire/Partner

    Content Acquisition

    Created content should be harmonious with and supplemented by content sourced via numerous third-party providers via partner and/or purchase agreements

    Content Creation: Acquire/PartnerTopic Focus

    Content Creation:Partner Service Program

    Routine servicing of content partnerships include the following tasks:

    • Regularly communicating with partners

      • Prompt partners to submit content

      • Respond to specific partner requests for information

      • Revise and develop content partner presentation and content license agreements to respond to needs of potential partners and addendums to existing partner agreements

      • Negotiate revenue share agreements and associated accounting matters

      • Develop and communicate metrics reports on specific partner content

      • Educating new partner staff on content partner program, policies and procedures

    • Prepare MPower website updates

      • Update partner profile pages

      • Conduct regular audits of partner sites to develop lists of desired content

      • Convert partner site content to appropriate SharePoint formats (Word or PDF)

      • Create summary pages, documents and images in SharePoint for each partner content submission

      • Select and feature partner content in key areas of website and e-newsletters

      • Develop content partner materials for distribution at major conferences

    • Send quarterly partner communication newsletter

      • List of featured partner content

      • News on partner promotions

      • Prepare and update annual partner recognition ad

    • Discuss and resolve specific partner concerns and requests

      • Enhance promotion/value proposition (e-newsletter promotion, banner ad etc.)

      • Revenue share agreements; develop e-commerce methods

      • Opportunities for increased AMA engagement (podcast guest speaker, in-person presenter etc.)

      • New partner initiatives

    Content Creation:Partner Service Challenges

    A number of challenges exist (some which occurred as a result of the recent economic environment) in managing the content partner program:

    • Partner Liaison Changes. As a result of organizational and staffing changes within partner organizations, communication with appropriate representatives is difficult. Often, the partner liaison has left the company with no clear indication of a replacement content. In addition, these changes often require “re-educating” the new partner contact on the AMA content partner program, policies and procedures, often resulting in a delay in receiving content

    • Partner Organization Priorities. Changes in partner organization staffing as well as other priorities for the organization has delayed receipt of content

    • AMA Staffing Limitations. Web content department staffing limitations (one 16 hour per week Intern responsible for Content Partners) provides challenges in juggling the need to service multiple partnerships, obtain and publish content on MarketingPower and responding to partner’s various concerns and informational needs

    • Revenue Share Agreements. The inability to manage online payments on MarketingPower is limiting revenue share opportunities with partners who have expressed interest in such agreements

    • Partner Content Promotion Limitations. Limited opportunities for partner content to be featured on MarketingPower and promoted to partners’ target audiences. Underdeveloped opportunities to become more engaged with AMA’s membership possibly through: promotion of partner’s webinars. conference speaking opportunities, podcast opportunities

    • Website Partner Traffic. Desire to receive regular metrics reports on traffic to partner content

    Content Creation: Recommendations

    • Develop an editorial calendar

      • Develop an overall editorial calendar (by channel: Resource Library etc.) and define the guidelines governing content including formats, values, tone, legal concerns, user-generated content and content cycles etc..

        • Editorial plan includes the creation of original content, the acquisition of content via third-party partnerships and the purchase of content via license agreements

      • Develop and implement department-wide partner content processes

    • Develop website features to promote partner content

      • Create templates displaying featured partner content

      • Provide a widget featuring partners on rotating basis; emphasize those w/ revenue share opportunities

      • Prominently feature partner content via re-designed home page flash

      • Add content topics tied to the specialties of content partners to the What’s New page

    • Improve frequency and consistency of content promotion

      • Feature content in e-newsletters; promote via banner ads in the weekly MarketingPower Today e-newsletter

      • Tweet/promote via Facebook/LinkedIn updates

      • Provide additional opportunities to engage with AMA (podcast guest speaker, in-person presenter, booth space, co-branded webinar/research)

    • Develop untapped sources of content

      • Identify individual content contributor partnerships

      • Pursue co-branded research partnerships (tie to revenue share for non-members)

      • Identify tools/applications for partnership opportunities (license vs. non-license)

    • Content delivery via a rich mix of content categories/types will be an essential component of enhancing the User experience. Samples of content categories/types are listed below.

    • Five content types (chosen for their traffic generating linkage) will be more deeply reviewed (in red):




    Social Media
























    RSS Feed Syndication:Goals

    RSS feeds extend the reach of MarketingPower

    content via the following methods:

    RSS feed expansion goals:

    • Automatically deliver new content to

    • subscribers

    • Provide multiple ways for Subscribers to

    • discover AMA and its products

    • Extend the reach of the content to Non-

    • Members; use strength of content as an

    • acquisition tool

    • Provide a true publish-subscribe model

    • for customers; offer expanded personalization

    • Bypass email and spam filters


    RSS Feed Syndication: Recommended NEW Feeds

    An expansion of RSS feeds will provide the benefit of improved personalization

    of the content customers are seeking


    Blogs: Goals

    Developing a deepened blog strategy will benefit the website in the following ways:

    • Improve Search Engine Optimization

      • Optimize each post via 3-4 keyword phrase

      • Utilize keyword clouds

      • Expand in to the RSS feed format

      • Link from other blogs

      • Enhance recency/frequency of fresh content

    • Build Traffic

      • Attract inbound targeted traffic via:

        • value-added quality content

        • multiple voices (blog contributors)

    • Expand Content

      • Reinforce thought leadership via multiple voices offering

      • Extend knowledge distribution via RSS feed

      • Provide differentiation over competition

    Blogs: Three-Channel Approach

    Member-Driven AMA Blogs (Community)

    AMA Blog

    Blog Roll(Influential Bloggers)

    Key internal social media team members (publications, marketing, web content) would publish blog posts with the objective of enhancing the AMA brand via content tied to its products and services

    A robust blog roll would include blogs of influential marketing bloggers, categorized by topic and marketing segment

    AMA members, including targeted social media “evangelists” would publish blog posts regularly on a variety of marketing-related topics within Community Groups


    ●Increased member engagement

    ●Personal branding opportunities for members

    ●Consumer generated content on MarketingPower

    ●Increased traffic and brand awareness

    ●Enhanced SEO


    ●Engagement with key social media influencers

    ●Ability to serve as filter and aggregator of top marketing blogs

    ●Increased traffic to MarketingPower

    ●Additional content category

    ●Enhanced SEO

    • Benefits:

    • ●Enhanced AMA brand loyalty

    • ●Reinforced messaging for AMA’s key products/services

    • ●Emphasis on AMA as experts and thought leaders

    • ●Multiple editorial voices

    • Enhanced SEO

    Blogs: Recommendations

    • Redesign MarketingPower Blog Platform

      • Design blog platform using SharePoint functionality

        • Introduce basic elements currently missing (topic categories; blog roll; featured posts; recent posts, RSS, site search; About page; keywords; tags)

      • Include social media tools (video embedding; social bookmarking; tag cloud; share functions; links to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn; avatar)

      • Develop Fan Badge and/or Blog Widget for placement on social media sites

      • Consider revamping existing blogs (MarketingNews and Journal of Marketing) to form one robust AMA Blog

    • Formalize Blog Policies

      • Blog contributors (Multiple AMA staff and guest bloggers)

      • Blog posting frequency

      • Responding to comments

      • Commenting on blog posts

    • Develop Blog and Reporting Mechanisms

      • Allow User comments to be updated in real-time with no filtering

      • Submit the blogs to directory feeds (i.e. Technorati, Google Alerts)

      • Utilize blog traffic reporting (Omniture)

    • Define and Implement Blog Traffic Generation Mechanisms

      • Identify and reach out to influential bloggers

      • Submit AMA blogs to search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo!) and blog catalogs (Technorati, Allton)

      • Participate in topic-relevant blog carnivals

      • Reference blog URLs in marcom, member and publication communications

      • Re-post best blog content (ezinearticles, azcentral)

    Web/Podcast: Goals Overview

    MarketingPowerMulti-media ContentMust Meet Both Contentand Sponsorship Goals

    • Content Goals

    • Marketer Perspective:

    • Provide content to meet all marketer informational needs

    • --marketer segments

    • --marketing specialties

    • Provide credible content

    • --objective, credible source

    • Provide latest thought

    • leadership from industry experts

    • Business Perspective:

    • Increase revenue

    • Increase traffic to site

    • Increase time spent on site

    • Convert site visitors to AMA members

    • Sponsorship Goals

    • Partner Perspective:

    • Provide sponsors with targeted leads

    • Provide sponsors with maximumexposure to target markets

    • Upsell multimedia content sponsors to broader media buys

    Goal: Grow website inventory of multimedia content to meet informational needs of all marketer segments and marketing specialties while growing revenue stream


    Podcast Categories

    Author Series

    Executive Conference Calls

    Chapter Training

    Event-Related Promotion

    Miscellaneous Marketing Topics

    Webcast Categories

    Meeting of the Minds (cancelled)

    Members Only (tied to membership campaigns)

    All Other

    Web AND Podcast Topics


    CRM/Customer Experience/

    Consumer Insights

    Interactive Marketing

    Marketing Strategy



    B2B Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Marketing Research


    Nonprofit Marketing




    Career/Professional Development

    Higher Ed Marketing

    Organizational Change


    Web/Podcast: Content CategoriesRecommended

    • RECOMMENDED Web/Podcast Categories

    • Topics

    • Academia/Teaching ●Loyalty Marketing

    • Advertising ●Marketing Research

    • B2B Marketing ●Marketing Strategy

    • Branding ●Nonprofit Marketing

    • Career Development ●Prof. Chap. Training

    • Collegiate Chapter Training ●Public Relations

    • CRM/Voice of Consumer ●Retail Marketing

    • Direct Marketing ●ROI

    • Email Marketing ●Sales

    • Global Marketing ●SEO/Analytics

    • Higher Ed Marketing ●Sponsorship

    • Interactive Marketing

    • Access

    • Within each subject category, webcasts should be gated

    • for members only, registered users or visitors. Gating termswould be closely tied to sponsorship agreements.

    • RevenueWithin each subject category, webcasts will be either sponsoredor non-sponsored. Revenue can be obtained either throughdirect sponsorship arrangements (flat sponsorship fee) or viarevenue share agreements with content partners.

    Execute via one plan

    designed to meet ALL

    audience (topics) and

    business (AMA, sponsor)


    Web/Podcasts: Recommendations

    • Create web/podcast program based on collaboration between web content and sponsorship departments

      • Coordinate content acquisition efforts with sponsorship acquisition efforts

    • Formalize value proposition/deliverables for sponsored and revenue share web/podcasts

      • Identify deliverables to support value proposition (branding, promotion, etc.)

      • Devise marcom program for promoting both Sponsored and Revenue Share Webcasts

    • Create inventory encompassing both sponsored and non-sponsored content

      • Allows AMA to continue to generate incremental revenue from sponsored content

      • Provides the ability to fill content gaps for all marketing roles and specialties

      • Provides the ability to create original thought leadership content not tied to sponsorship

      • Provides the ability to enhance content partner value proposition

      • Allows the AMA to increase its overall inventory of multimedia content on MarketingPower

    • Unhinge web/podcasts from their source

      • Tie to subject matter categories rather than source of content, speakers or sponsors

    • Develop web/podcasts with MarketingPower gating strategy in mind

      • The inventory should include content for all major gating audiences (members only, registered users, visitors)

    • Develop content based on overall MarketingPower editorial calendar

      • Inventory should provide content for all major marketer segments and specialties

      • Featured speakers should represent multiple sources (book authors, content partners, individual industry thought leaders, in-person event speakers, sponsors, etc.)

      • Create internal processes for developing content and for communicating plans for new categories

    Web/Podcasts: Recommendations continued

    • Implement web/podcast traffic generation mechanisms

      • Submit MarketingPower podcasts to podcast directories

      • Create subject matter tags in podcast directories

      • Create blog post based on each podcast

      • Include keyword phrases in metadata descriptions for podcast landing pages and individual podcast summary pages

      • In all marcom, link to MarketingPower podcasts pages rather than third-party registration pages

    • Develop RSS feeds for all web/podcast subject matter categories

      • Individual subject matter RSS feeds for podcasts should be made available to MarketingPower visitors in addition to one general podcast feed

    • Identify and implement production best practices

      • Make podcasts “scannable” (break podcasts into chunks of content)

      • Develop uniform directions and tips for speakers/contributors (no direct promotion)

      • When available (tied to sponsorship/partnership arrangements) provide slides or transcripts (post in summary pages and display within landing pages)

      • Within summary pages, included related in-person event content links

    • Revise landing pages to better feature content

      • Provide the ability to capture registrations for teleconference podcasts

      • Feature MarketingPower’s entire portfolio of webcasts/podcasts (sponsored and unsponsored)

      • Redesigned to better highlight content and engage visitors

      • Allow visitors to easily search by subject matter

      • Social media tools and sharing mechanisms should be added SharePoint templates

    E-Newsletters: Goals

    • To meet informational needs of all member segments and key niche marketing specialties

    • Reinforce AMA brand and reputation as thought leader

    • Generate and grow advertising revenue

    • Encourage increased marketer engagement with the AMA

    • Drive member acquisition

    • Improve SEO

    • Grow website traffic and increase time spent on site

    • Drive in-person event registrations

    E-Newsletters: Recommendations

    • Include multiple MarketingPower touchpoints in each newsletter issue

      • Provide multiple MarketingPower links including those pertaining to in-person events, site content, membership center and other key AMA areas

    • Implement internal processes to ensure distinct editorial strategies for each newsletter

      • Consistent collaboration between the Web Content, Publications and Marketing departments is essential to ensuring editorial quality and strategy for each newsletter is maintained

    • Define and implement policies to ensure effective advertising management

      • Ensure advertising creative is submitted in a timely basis

      • Define criteria for acceptable advertising within newsletters

    • Track and monitor subscriber engagement with newsletter content (metrics)

      • Track total number of subscribers and those who unsubscribe; ratings and comments on newsletter articles; advertising click-throughs

    • Develop and enhance marketing program promoting newsletter portfolio

      • Create marcom deliverables to promote newsletter subscriptions and advertising

    • Where appropriate, utilize newsletters to highlight upcoming in-person and virtual events and other AMA programs

      • Develop original content that ties to major conferences

    E-books: Recommendations

    E-books have been gaining in popularity. They can be quickly produced and are an

    effective format for communicating niche, topical subject matter. They also can serve as an

    excellent vehicle to drive traffic to the site by distributing virally or as an incentive

    • E-books could be created:

      • By AMA staff (web content and publications depts.)

      • With a third-party partner or guest contributor (co-branded)

      • In a PPT or similar format

    • Subject matter should:

      • Be specific, niche and newsworthy

      • Include specific details including research data, graphics/images, how-to steps or other engaging conventions

      • Be planned to meet the subject matter needs as dictated by the MarketingPower gap analysis

    • E-books can be distributed virally to generate interest (i.e. membership campaign, new program or to target unique audience)

    • Phase I of an e-book program could include one new e-book per quarter

    Content Display

    The physical display of content on MarketingPower web pages plays an important role in engaging site

    visitors. Key elements of this area of content strategy is centered around a single Style Guide to create uniformity and continuity throughout the site

    • Update MarketingPower Style Guide

      • Freshen guidelines established in May 2008 (with re-launch of site)

      • Provide staff training to ensure adherence to all style guidelines and maintain conformity throughout the site

    • Color Palette

      • Utilize a single color palette throughout the site

    • Font Style/Size

      • Utilize a pre-determined family of fonts

    • Navigation

      • The following navigation elements should reflect the overall MarketingPower style guidelines

        • Buttons

        • Navigation dashboards

        • Breadcrumbs

        • Anchor text

    • Graphics/Images

      • All site images including photographs, illustrations, icons, logos and advertising should reflect the overall professional character of the site

      • All site images and graphics should reflect the content it is representing

    Content Search/Traffic Generation: Benefits

    Why is building traffic to MarketingPower important?Identify the type and structure of metadata to help organize, use, reuse the content in ways that are meaningful to the audience. Includes editing and organizing content on a page or across the site to increase its potential relevance to specific search engine keywords

    The Obvious

    • Increase in traffic = increase in conversion rate for new AMA members and event registrations

    • More traffic = more awareness of AMA and its national and local benefits

    • Advertisers increasingly base online spend decision on both site-wide and channel-based traffic numbers

      Not So Obvious

    • Current content partners base content exchange decisions based on site-wide traffic and visitor segmentation numbers

    • Potential content partners base partnership decision, in part, on site traffic numbers

    • Ability to obtain backlinks from external organizations is based, in part, on traffic rank

    Content Search/Traffic Generation:Search Engine Optimization Steps

    Improving MarketingPower’s search engine page ranking is critical to traffic generation. Search

    engine ranking is based on a website’s trust ranking, page ranking and reputation. Methods for

    improving search engine optimization includes the following:

    • Locate search visibility and usability problems within MarketingPower

      • Studies show that the average website loses 60% of visitors off the home page due to usability issues and a lack of relevant content. 50% of visitors spend less than 8 seconds on a site—expansion marketing

    • Review content for persuasive function and conversion

      • Include calls to action with content pages when possible (especially landing pages)

    • Compare site to competition and other sites with page one ranking on primary keywords

    • Develop robust link building program

      • The site must be optimized with volumes of links (backlinks) from external sources

    • Identify viable keywords that the target audience is using to find MarketingPower

      • Incorporate the keywords into overall site, landing page metadata descriptions and content pages

    • Conduct keyword research

      • Look at the titles of Web pages for keywords

      • Identify keywords in meta tags

      • Look up words that relate to the site and see which ones have highest search numbers

      • Identify long tail words that have smaller search numbers but a more detailed description of AMA and MarketingPower-related products and services

    Content Search/Traffic Generation:Link Building

    What do backlinks have to do with MarketingPower content?

    • Drive more traffic to MarketingPower

    • Make MarketingPower more trustworthy

    • Help build a powerful MarketingPower community

      Types of Link Building

    • Organic

      • Links are built naturally based on value of MarketingPower

      • Tactics: Quality site content, blog content, social bookmarking, posting in social networking sites

    • Artificial

      • Links can be manipulated

      • Tactics: Link requests, directory submissions, paid links

        Elements of Quality Links

    • Good anchor text

    • Variety of anchor text

    • Authority of linking text

    • Relevancy of linking text

    • Destination of link

    Content Search/Traffic Generation:


    • SEO

      • Identify primary keywords associated with MarketingPower and prioritize them based on viability

      • Take advantage of words that have high searches but low competition

      • Re-write home page and channel landing page content to incorporate keywords

      • List phrases that should be used in news releases, blog posts, and articles

      • Conduct a Google search on each keyword or phrase selected

    • Linkbuilding

      • Submit MarketingPower to web directories and social bookmarking sites (Reddit, Digg)

      • Incorporate MarketingPower content links in Twitter/Facebook feeds

      • Comment on Do Follow blogs/forums

      • Submit MarketingPower (article links) to article directories (Ezine, Go Articles)

      • Create multimedia press releases and include multiple MarketingPower content links

      • Formalize reciprocal link strategy

      • Investigate potential purchase of targeted links

    • Tracking

      • Institutionalize a metrics dashboard and analytics to use as “streaming/live” feedback on progress on traffic and content development

    Content Promotion: Overview

    Developing a strategy and process for highlighting and featuring content on

    MarketingPower (including the AMA Community) is essential in order to drive visitor

    interest and meeting the needs of content partners and sponsors. A strategy for

    effectively promoting site content is focused on the following site areas:

    • Home Page

      • Slideshow

      • Content area (located just below slideshow)

    • Landing Pages

      • Channel landing pages (About AMA, Resource Library, Events, Career and Community)

      • Topical landing pages

      • What’s New landing page

      • Personalized home page views (when developed)

    • Social Media

      • AMA Community (appropriate groups)

      • AMA Facebook page

      • Blogs (both AMA blogs and via blog directories)

    Content Promotion: Marketing Campaign

    In order to generate both website traffic and engagement with

    MarketingPower content, a formal marketing campaign also needs to

    be in place. A marcom strategy might consist of email, direct mail and

    paid search components.

    (Marketing department to supply specific details)

    Content Distribution

    In an effort to generate both traffic and interest, MarketingPower needs to be

    distributed to potential audiences in as many channels as possible. Appropriate channels to

    distribute site content include:

    • Email

      • AMA e-newsletters

      • Marketing email campaigns (event and membership promotions)

    • Feeds

      • RSS feeds (MarketingPower)

      • Group content feeds (AMA Community)

      • Social media: Twitter and Facebook feeds

    • Blogs

      • Third-party blogs (via comments and guest posts)

      • Blog directories and blog carnivals

    • News Aggregators

      • News directories

    • Social Bookmarking

      • ShareThis and other bookmarking tools

        • E-newsletters

        • AMA Community

        • MarketingPower

    4. User Experience Building Blocks


    Unhinged Content

    Engagement Tools

    Content Gating

    Personalization: Benefits

    Increasingly, personalization of the user experience on websites will be critical to

    maintaining and growing traffic. Personalization is needed to: add value to the

    user experience, drive traffic and encourage log-in practices





    Provides an

    Incentive for logging in

    Personalized UserExperience onMarketingPower

    Results in

    Increased timespent on site

    Leads to

    Motivation toexplore othersite content areas

    CURRENT Home Page View:Not Logged In

    CURRENT Home Page View:Logged In (Marketer)





    Article and Event links displayed based on user preferences

    Personalization Example: Marketing Researcher Personalized Home Page View

    Welcome Nancy! Feb. 21, 2010

    Multi Media Corner: More

    Marketing Research: Insights & Insiders

    • Why Researchers Aren’t

    • Getting a Seat at the Table

    • Kate Egan

    • Researchers are still relegated to being order takers rather than strategic partners.

    • Transforming Today’s Insights Organizations

    • Crafting Compelling Stories for the Boardroom

    • Smart Xchange 2010

    How to Reach the New CustomerWhy the New Customer sentimentis sticking around and why marketers should stress price and value.


    • Research Resources

    • Publications:

    • Marketing Research Magazine

    • Journal of Mktg Research

    • Marketing Researchersnewsletter

    • Community Groups

    • Marketing Research

    • Qualitative Research

    • Segmentation

    • Research Conferences

    • Latest Stories

    • What Really Affects Behavior?

    • Online Customer Feedback

    • Emotions vs Emotional Benefits

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    • More

    Why She BuysCPG companies consistently market to an audience they don’t understand—women!


    Personalization: Recommendations

    Develop the following personalization features:

    Upon INITIAL REGISTRATION users (members or registrants) would be presented:

    • Personalized welcome message

      A welcome message would provide suggestions to specific content based on the new member/registrant’s topical preference including:

      • Professional development: face to face events, webcasts

      • A sampling of recent content (based on topical preference)

        • Articles

        • Podcasts

        • Tools/Directories

      • E-Newsletters

        Upon LOG-IN users (members or registrants) would be presented a personalized view of:

    • Home page

      Feature content, events, webcasts, Community groups and ads targeted to the member’s personal topic preference based on marketing role

    • Resource Library Landing Page

      Displays links to content based on their marketing topic preferences

    • Career Landing Page

      View featured job listings based on marketing role and geographic area

    Unhinged Content: Overview

    Content should be developed, published and presented in ways that are

    consistent with how visitors search for content:

    • By subject matter

      • Niche specialty

      • General specialty

    • By content format

      • Video, audio, text, image

    • By editorial construct

      • Feature article

      • Best practice

      • Case study

      • PowerPoint presentation

      • Podcast/webcast

      • Research paper/white paper

    • By Marketer Role

      • Practitioner, researcher, academic, collegiate student

    Unhinged Content: Recommendations

    • Redesign the Academic Resource Center (home/landing pages)

      • Revise topic-based landing pages to incorporate academic and other MarketingPower content

      • Acquire academic content partners and punish via SharePoint

      • Add more visual interest via images etc

    • Create topical templates to better feature new content based on marketing subject matter

    • Integrate related content (text, multimedia, events) into every new content page

    • Categorize multimedia content by subject matter rather than source (i.e, instead of “author series,” segment by topic such as social media, analytics, research)

    • Add search filters in the MarketingPower search engine and topics in templates to allow for more refined searches

    Customer Engagement

    The ultimate success indicator of MarketingPower is the level of customer

    engagement between its visitors and the AMA. Empowering and engaging

    members, site visitors and customers is accomplished increasingly through

    social media as well as through traditional website mechanisms

    Current Forms of Website Customer Engagement:

    • Online SIGs (Shared Interest Groups)

    • Ratings

    • Comments

    • Weekly Poll

    • Contact Us (Help Center)

    • Blogs

    • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

    Customer Engagement: Recommendations

    • Community

      • The AMA’s new online community will serve as primary source of engagement with members. Content from MarketingPower should be routinely integrated into the Community. In addition, other social media efforts should be integrated within MP (i.e., tweets, Facebook update feeds, ShareThis buttons, etc.)

    • Customer Feedback Channel

      • Develop user-friendly mechanism to provide the AMA feedback, suggestions and ideas via MarketingPower. The mechanism would lead to analyzing, implementing and communicating back to customers about their suggestions.

    • Blog (see related slides for full strategy)

      • Launch an active, welcoming blog that includes social media tools allowing members to comment, create, rate and share content

    • Listening Strategy

      • Monitor the AMA Community dialogue, AMA Twitter and Facebook communities as well as comments made throughout the site in a formalized way to aid in the engagement process. Create a formal reporting mechanism and follow-up plan

    • Advocacy Program

      • Implement a formal advocacy program in order to convert members into active AMA brand advocates. The first phase of this plan will be in place with AMA Community launch. Members will earn points for Community and offline AMA activities. Points can be added for MarketingPower tasks (adding a comment, making a suggestion to improve a product or process that was implemented, rating an article, completing a poll, etc.)

    Content Gating: Principles

    • Gating Guiding Principles:

    • Develop enough gating levels to meet the needs of differing audience segments:

      • Members

      • Trial members

      • Volunteer leaders

      • subscribers

      • Registered users

      • Visitors

    • Further refine the content access strategy for all gated levels

    • Enhance SharePoint publishing practices

      • must coincide with gating levels (i.e., tagging, TIMSS codes)

      • may be controlled via template or permission-level sites

    Content Gating: Recommendations

    Improve the current gating strategy via improved differentiation in content access for all gated levels

    • Gating Levels Strengthen the current gating levels to allow for the following access groups: all members, AMA leadership, trial members, subscribers, registered users, visitors

    • Gating TemplatesRevise existing content templates to allow for gating of all new levels and to gate pages in addition to documents

      • Allow templates to include social media and multi-media tools

    • Content Categories

      • Further clarify which types of/amount of content is accessible to each gating level

      • Add more content categories that are members-only

    5. Website Revenue Opportunities

    E-Commerce Based - Future

    Current Revenue Streams

    Website Revenue Opportunities: E-Commerce Based

    The addition e-commerce would greatly expand the possibilities of generating

    new revenue streams as demonstrated via a list of possible future opportunities



    revenue share



    Content-BasedRevenue Opportunities


    Membersonly content

    (sold to




    Pay percontent


    Website Revenue Opportunities:Current

    Current Revenue

    (revenue that streams through or is generated from MarketingPower)

    • Member registrations

    • In-person event registrations

    • Banner ads

    • E-Newsletter ads

    • Website sponsorships

    • Podcast sponsorships

    • AMA publications subscriptions

    • SIG subscriptions

    • Job board revenue

    • The website currently acts primarily as a portal for giving members/non-members a means to participate in AMA activities

    • The opportunity to generate revenue FROM the website (i.e. banner ads etc.) has been hampered by low traffic

    6. Human Resource Plan

    Web Content Resource Structure

    • Functional Responsibilities

    FY11 Funding

    Web Content Resource Structure

    = existing positions

    = recommended

    priority new positions

    = recommended

    secondary new positions

    Resource Plan: Functional Responsibilities

    InteractiveContent Manager (New)

    • Content Partners

      • Create SharePoint summary pages (as needed)

      • Serve as daily partner liaison

      • Research potential partnerships

      • Manage partner syndication agreements

      • Manage revenue share agreements

      • Assist with custom partner content opportunities

      • Track partner content metrics

    • Site Content Inventory

      • Maintain website audit/gap analysis

      • Respond to third-party content inquiries

      • Research third-party content opportunities

    • E-Newsletters

      • Assist with issue editorial calendars

      • Create featured content lists for newsletters

      • Write and edit assigned newsletter articles

      • Manage newsletter production schedule

    • Content Updates

      • Assist with Community channel editorial

      • Maintain What’s New page

      • Maintain topical landing pages

      • Update featured content (home page)

    • Link Building Program

      • Assist with link-building strategy

      • Develop content lists for submittal to directories

      • Manage reciprocal link program

    • SharePoint Publishing

      • Develop summary pages for third-party and

      • partner content

      • Conduct site audits and prepare content inventories

    • Editorial Development

      • Write and edit newsletter and site content

      • as assigned

      • Prepare content lists for use in social media channels

      • Update AMA FAQs

    Digital Editor (New)

    Resource Plan: Functional Responsibilities

    • Analytics

      • Create and manage dashboards

      • Track and create metric reports

      • Analyze and interpret data

      • -Implement strategic analytics program

    • SEO/Traffic Generation

      • Track AMA search engine rankings

      • Implement SEO strategy

      • Revise and update metadata descriptions

      • -Conduct keyword audit and keyword search reports

      • Conduct SEO staff training

      • -Identify and resolve URL structure issues

      • Submit site to engines/directories

    • SharePoint Troubleshooting

      • Troubleshoot SharePoint authoring issues

      • Monitor site for adherence to guidelines

    • Project Management

      • Conduct/coordinate user testing

      • Assist business team in drafting business

      • requirements

      • Conduct SharePoint training as needed

      • Monitor and respond to webmaster

      • customer inquiries

    Website Project Manager (New)

    • E-Mail Marketing

      • Design HTML/text email

      • mktg. campaigns

      • Create original email

      • templates

      • Conduct staff training

      • Implement email best

      • practices

    • Website Design

      • Create visual elements

      • Design CSS applications

      • Design site style guidelines

      • Provide design strategy

      • Design support for staff

      • Design input for new areas

      • Manage site map

    • Online Advertising

      • Manage online advertising

      • program (MPower and

      • Community)

      • Design house ads/banners

      • Prepare advertising reports

    Web UI Designer (Existing)

    75% of time devoted to Marketing

    • E-Newsletter Production

      • Newsletter templates

      • Design template andbanners

      • Manage production

      • of MPT newsletter

      • Assist with prod.

      • of all newsletters

      • Manage newsletter advertising program

    • Image Management

      • Optimize site images

      • Manage Image

      • Galleries

      • Manage home page

      • slideshow

    • Social Media

      • Manage Twitter

      • account(s) design

      • Manage RSS

      • program

      • Design blog

      • templates

      • and manage updates

      • Manage chapter site

      • hosting

    Resource Plan: Functional Responsibilities

    • Community Member Engagement

      • Troubleshoot community member issues

      • Educate members on community practices

      • Provide first-line customer care

      • Respond to reports of abuse/guidelines violations

      • Monitor groups and community activity

    • Content

      • Search for and post appropriate content

      • within groups

      • Manage content-managed widgets

    • Group Ambassador Management

      • Identify, recruit and train group ambassadors

    • Feedback Channel

      • Implement AMA communication process for

      • community feedback

    • Community Analytics

      • Manage community reporting program

    • Group Management

      • Permission level management, new group creation

      • Social application tools management

    Community Administrator (New)(replaces SIG Moderator)

    • SharePoint Page Creation

      • Create summary pages for partner content

      • Convert content into PDF documents

    • Newsletter Production

      • Prepare HTML templates for 3 newsletters

      • Manage newsletter subscriber lists

      • Manage SubscriberMail delivery

    • Partner Landing Pages

      • Maintain Content Partner landing page

      • Maintain partner profile pages

      • Maintain partner content SharePoint archive

    • Partner Promotion

      • Ensure delivery of promotion deliverables

      • Create monthly partner reports

    • Website Updates

      • Maintain featured comments widget

      • Maintain featured content widget

    Associate Digital Editor (New)

    Resource Plan: Functional Responsibilities

    • Content Acquisition

      • Develop content roadmap for new content

      • Pursue Academic content partners

      • Obtain variety of text and multimedia content

    • ARC Content Management

      • Publish new content within SharePoint

      • Regularly update ARC landing/topic pages

        • Call for Papers

        • Conference info

        • Academic award programs

      • Integrate ARC content with MP resources

        • Events (in-person and online)

        • Content (text and multimedia)

      • Manage annual conference proceedings archive

      • Implement visual design within landing pages

    • Academic SIG Engagement

      • Secure SIG content for ARC

      • Update academic SIG sites (on

      • Obtain regular SIG news/reports

    • Academic Newsletter

      • Provide editorial support for Academic newsletter

      • Identify resources for newsletter articles

    ARC Editor (Part-Time) (Existing)

    • SharePoint Page Creation

      • Create summary pages for partner content

      • Convert content into PDF documents

      • Update Partner profile pages

      • Upload documents

    • Partner Content Tracking

      • Log and track partner content

      • Track featured partner content

      • Prepare partner reports

    • Content Inventory

      • Prepare partner site audits

      • Develop content lists for approval

      • Conduct preliminary research on potential partners

    Intern (Part-Time) (Sort of Existing)

    Resource Plan: FY11 Funding

    NOTE: FY11 Salary/Benefit Costs are based on a mid-point range for salary base

    * Can self-fund the Interactive Content Manager if hired on 12/1/10 ($42,000 = 7/12 of $75. Money from Proj Man (22) and SIG Leader (17))

    7. Plan Implementation Summary

    Content Development/User Experience Summary

    Technology Initiatives

    Human Resource Needs

    Content Development/User Experience Summary


    With a fully implemented HR plan, the following actions would be initiated:








    Unhinge Content



    Technology Initiatives

    Approximately one-third of the content development initiatives require (or would be

    Supplemented) by technology enhancements

    Human Resources Summary

    Approximately two-thirds of all

    content development recommendation

    implementation relies on a commitment

    to human resource staffing

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