War of 1812
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War of 1812. Economic Pressures. James Madison elected President in 1808 Wanted to avoid war with GB or Fr . US made different attempt to get GB & Fr. to remove trade restrictions Fr. finally did in 1811. War Hawks. Many Americans wanted war with GB

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Economic pressures
Economic Pressures

  • James Madison elected President in 1808

  • Wanted to avoid war with GB or Fr.

  • US made different attempt to get GB & Fr. to remove trade restrictions

  • Fr. finally did in 1811

War hawks
War Hawks

  • Many Americans wanted war with GB

  • Most that wanted war were Southerners and Westerners

  • Southern planters & western farmers were hurt by trade restrictions

  • They earned most of their income by shipping crops

  • Am also blamed GB for stirring up the Native Americans

  • War Hawks-Senators from the South & West that voted for the war

  • Ex- Henry Clay (KY) & John C. Calhoun (SC)



    • Native American leader that believed Nat. Amer. needed to unite to stop Americans from moving onto their land

  • Gov of IN territory, William Henry Harrison went to attack Prophetstown

  • Native Americans attack first

  • Fight near Tippecanoe river

  • Americans win

  • Battle of Tippecanoe makes many Native Americans flee to Canada

  • Many Americans are convinced GB encouraged the Native Americans

  • Madison declares war on GB in 1812

The americans attack
The Americans Attack

  • Madison orders an invasion of Canada

  • 3 American armies invade

  • First is easily defeated.

  • The other 2 fall apart when the NY militia refuses to cross the border (they opposed the war)


    • 1813- Oliver Perry (Am. naval commander) builds a fleet on Lake Erie

    • US controlled the Great Lakes

Native american raids
Native American Raids

  • Red Stick Creek- allies of GB

  • Attacked American settlers

  • Red Sticks attacked by militia at Burnt Corn Creek (Monroe County)

  • Red sticks win

  • Battle of Burnt Corn makes settlers realize they are vulnerable

  • Some settlers move to crude forts for protection

  • One is Fort Mims (in Baldwin County)

  • Creeks kill several 100 settlers

Andrew jackson horseshoe bend
Andrew Jackson- Horseshoe Bend

  • News of Ft. Mims spread to TN

  • Gov sends TN militia led by Andrew Jackson to help

  • Jackson moves south through Alabama attacking Creeks

  • By 1814, gets word of a large Creek group at Horseshoe Bend on Tallapoosa River

  • Attacks and defeats Creeks

  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend ends Native American resistance in the Southern US

End of the war raids on washington dc
End of the War- Raids on Washington, DC

  • 1814- Napoleon’s France collapses

  • GB can now focus attention on the US

  • Planned to invade the US

  • GB landed troops and marched into Washington, DC

  • They burned the White House & Capitol

  • Next, they attacked Baltimore

  • Shelled Ft. McHenry all night, but it held

  • Br. withdrew

Treaty of ghent
Treaty of Ghent

  • Peace negotiations began in 1814, while fighting continued

  • Treaty signed on Dec. 24, 1814.

  • Restored prewar boundaries

  • Did little else

The battle of new orleans
The Battle of New Orleans

  • Fought in Jan, 1815, after Treaty of Ghent signed

  • Andrew Jackson defended the city for US

  • Am. soundly defeated the British

  • Jackson became a national hero


    • Increase US reputation overseas

    • Generated national unity and patriotism in the US