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Benchmark oral reading records
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Benchmark Oral Reading Records. Carol Redmond Concordia University, St. Paul CI564: Assessment, Evaluation, and Supervision in Literacy Programs ( K-12) Cohort # 577 Professor Steve Slavik February 6, 2013. Introduction.

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Benchmark Oral Reading Records

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Benchmark oral reading records

Benchmark Oral Reading Records

Carol Redmond

Concordia University, St. Paul

CI564: Assessment, Evaluation, and Supervision in Literacy Programs (K-12)

Cohort# 577

Professor Steve Slavik

February 6, 2013



  • Benchmark Oral Reading Records provide format for initial reading level placement, progress monitoring, and analyzing student reading behaviors.

Benchmark oral reading records help you

Benchmark Oral Reading Records help you:

  • Identify student strengths.

  • Select appropriately leveled texts for small group instruction.

  • Determine specific skills and strategies to focus on during reading instruction.

  • Assess and monitor student reading across many reading levels.

  • Provide a standardized way to talk to families about student reading progress. (2012 Benchmark Education Company)

Familiarize yourself with the coding

familiarize yourself with the coding

Benchmark s oral reading level screener will maximize the time spent with students

Benchmark’s Oral Reading Level Screener will maximize the time spent with students

Begin oral reading record

Begin Oral Reading Record

  • After finding a comfortable level of text for the student based on accuracy, comprehension, and fluency, you may introduce the first leveled text from a short introduction printed on the Oral Reading Record Form.

  • The text should be new to the student. Listen carefully and mark the administrator copy of the Oral Reading Record as per coding system mentioned earlier or a preferred system of coding.

Examiner copy

Examiner Copy

  • Is the error based on semantic or meaning cues? If so, code the error with an M in the sources of information column under error (E).(saying puppy for dog from a picture clue)

  • Is the error based on syntactic or structural cues? Readers often substitute nouns for nouns or verbs for verbs. Code this with an (S). (saying my pet is a “pony” instead of “dog”)

  • Is the error based or visual cues? Readers use the visual features of print and connect these features to phonetic information that exists in their heads. Code with a (V) .(pilgrim for program)

Benchmark oral reading records

Use the Quick Check to Determine if the student is at an independent, instructional, or frustration level

Benchmark oral reading records

Use the formulas provided on the reading record to determine the error rate, accuracy percentage, and self-correction rate.

  • Substitutions, omissions, insertions, and teacher telling the word are counted as one error each. Rereading and self-corrected errors are not counted as errors.



  • In this Benchmark assessment, fluency is not assessed with a timed reading. A fluency rating scale is available to determine fluency level from one to four.

Behaviors and strategies used while reading are analyzed

behaviors and strategies used while reading are analyzed.

Benchmark oral reading records

  • A benchmark assessment system is a series of texts that is used to identify a student's current reading level and progress along a range of text levels over time.

  • The word "benchmark" means a standard against which to measure something.

  • Benchmark Oral Reading Records are a comprehensive system for identifying immediate needs of individual students and informing instruction.

Oral reading example if time

Oral Reading Example if Time

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