Notable early european explorers
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Notable Early European Explorers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Notable Early European Explorers. Age of Exploration Notes Day 2. European Exploration Routes. Remember…. Due to new technology and a drive for wealth, countries began competing with each other through exploration and conquest!!!!

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Notable Early European Explorers

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Notable Early European Explorers

Age of Exploration Notes Day 2

European Exploration Routes


  • Due to new technology and a drive for wealth, countries began competing with each other through exploration and conquest!!!!


What countries were most influential in early exploration?

  • Portugal, using money from Prince Henry the Navigator.

    • They hoped to find gold and spread Christianity in the 1400s.

  • Bartolomeu Dias sailed around the tip of Africa

  • Vasco da Gama sailed all the way to India.

    • He returned with riches, inspired many other explorations.

What did Columbus do?

  • Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain in 1492.

    • Believed his entire life he had reached the Indies like the Portuguese explorers.

  • In the years after the voyage, the Columbian Exchange begins.

    • Products, plants, animals, and disease travel between East and West Hemisphere.

      • Spain becomes a world power, many Native Americans die from disease.

The Columbian Exchange Develops

Key Question

  • Was disease that wiped out the Native Americans inevitable (unavoidable)?

  • Was the discovery of the New World inevitable?

Who were some other European Explorers?

  • Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian explorer, and the first to think that the new land wasn’t part of the Indies.

  • Vasco de Balboa(Spanish) crossed Panama and saw the Pacific Ocean in 1513.

  • Ferdinand Magellan(Portugal) sailed around the tip of South America and to the Philippines.

    • His crew was the first to make it around the entire world.

    • Mr. Bodnar is obsessed with him.

How about an explorer rap song!


Meanwhile, Triangular Trade Develops (1500-1800)

What role did slavery play in exploration?

  • Slaves were part of the triangular trade.

    • Merchants shipped goods to Africa in exchange for slaves.

    • The Middle Passage was the second stage of the trade, where slaves were shipped across the Atlantic to the Americas.

      • From 1750-1800, 10 million Africans make the journey.

Let’s take a crash course on the Discovery of the New World!!

  • Notable Explorers:

  • The Columbian Exchange:

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