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Fascism. Or, how to be a gigantic jerk face…. Is Fascism still Alive today?. YES. Fascism. Originated in Italy, refers to the fasces , a bundle of rods that symbolized power in Ancient Rome First used by Benito Mussolini in Italy Term covers extreme right-wing ideological beliefs

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Or, how to be a gigantic jerk face…


  • Originated in Italy, refers to the fasces, a bundle of rods that symbolized power in Ancient Rome

  • First used by Benito Mussolini in Italy

  • Term covers extreme right-wing ideological beliefs

  • Fascists in early 20th Century:

    • Adolf Hitler, Germany

    • Francisco Franco, Spain

    • Oswald Mosley, Britain

    • Adrien Arcand, Canada


Adrien arcand
Adrien Arcand

  • "Moved by the unshakable faith in God, a profound love for Canada, ardent sentiments of patriotism and nationalism, a complete loyalty and devotion toward our Gracious Sovereign who forms the recognized principle of active authority, a complete respect for the British North America Act, for the maintenance of order, for national prosperity, for national unity, for national honour, for the progress and the happiness of a greater Canada, I pledge solemnly and explicitly to serve my party. I pledge myself to propagate the principles of its program. I pledge myself to follow its regulation. I pledge myself to obey my leaders. Hail the party! Hail our Leader!”

  • Source: Edwards, Frederick. “Fascism in Canada”, Maclean’s Magazine, 15 April 1938, p. 66.

Adrien arcand1
Adrien Arcand

  • A Montreal journalist

  • Supported the Conservative Party, until it cut ties with Arcand, because of his extreme views

  • 1938 – Became leader of National Unity Party of Canada

    • Advocated deporting Jews to Hudson’s Bay

    • Wanted a English Canadian fascist state within the British Empire

  • 1940 – Was arrested in Montreal for “plotting to overthrow the state”

  • 1950-1960s – Ran for MP in several elections as a Nationalist

  • Remained fervent in his support of Adolf Hitler

Arcand in 1933

Fascist principals
Fascist Principals

  • Extreme Nationalism

    • Unquestioning loyalty and service to the nation-state

  • Racial Purity

    • Belief that ideas like multiculturalism and intermarriage weaken and corrupt a nation

  • Violence and War

    • Pacifism is a weakness; belligerence is a virtue

  • Devotion to a Leader

    • Cult of leadership, powerful, charismatic leader

  • Creation of Scapegoats

    • Group(s) of people unjustly blamed for all of the nation’s problems