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Kevin Corker San Jose State University 1/18/05

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Kevin Corker San Jose State University 1/18/05 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System Engineering ISE 222 Spring 2005 Notes & Course Materials [email protected] Kevin Corker San Jose State University 1/18/05. Definitions of System Engineering.

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System Engineering ISE 222 Spring 2005Notes & Course Materials[email protected]

Kevin Corker

San Jose State University


definitions of system engineering
Definitions of System Engineering
  • Structure: management technology to assist in the formulation, analysis and interpretation of the impacts of proposed policy, controls, and systems on the needs, institution and values under investigation
definitions of system engineering1
Definitions of System Engineering
  • Function: Methods and Tools
    • to support analysis of large-scale, dynamic and complex systems,
    • to support process-oriented management practice and
    • to provide effective & efficient trade offs among alternatives
definitions of system engineering2
Definitions of System Engineering
  • Purpose:
  • To develop information and knowledge organized
  • To support definition, development and deployment of total systems
  • to assure integration and high quality relative to reliability, availability, maintainability, operability … ilities.
steps and phases




Steps and Phases
system life cycle

System Definition

System Development

System Deployment










System Life-Cycle

ISE 222Systems Engineering Introduction Part 2 Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly


What Will We Learn???

  • Systems Engineering Methods & Tools
  • Systems Engineering Life-cycle Process
  • Systems Engineering Management

Systems Engineering Functions

  • Formulation of the System
    • Needs to be fulfilled
    • Requirements & Objectives
    • Constraints and Degrees of Freedom
    • Alternatives to above
  • Analysis
    • Determine the impact of varied alternative courses of action
      • Determine the course of least constraint
      • Determine the risk mitigation strategy
  • Interpretation of Analysis
    • Rank Order, Bias & Uncertainty Assessment

What are the Functions Applied To??

  • Design, Develop, Deploy Systems
    • Large in Scale
    • Large in Scope
    • Large in Range of Impact
  • System Types
    • Physical Systems
    • Human & Organizational Systems
    • Enterprise Systems
    • Information Systems
  • Systems of Systems
      • Aerospace examples

What is a System?

  • Group of Components that work together for a purpose
    • Service
    • Product
    • Process

How is a System Understood ??

  • Decomposition
  • Analysis
  • Aggregation
  • More than the sum of its parts
    • Emergent
    • Self-organizing
    • Entropic and Enthalpic
  • A thermodynamic function of a system, equivalent to the sum of the internal energy of the system plus the product of its volume multiplied by the pressure exerted on it by its surroundings

When you decompose what do you get??

  • Components
    • Structural
    • Operating
    • Flow

What is a System Life Cycle

  • System Planning and Marketing
  • Research Development Testing and Evaluation
  • System Acquisition & Deployment & Production

How can system be known??

  • State of a System
    • Collection of variables that describe a system from a perspective and at specific time
    • Variation in perspective
    • Variation in temporal resolution
  • System Engineering Knowledge
    • Principles
    • Practices
    • Perspectives

How can system be known??

  • Thought then has objective validity because it is not fundamentally different from the objective reality but is specially suited for the imitation of it.
  • The fundamental nature of neural machinery lies in its power to parallel or model external events.
      • KJW Craik The Nature of Explanation (Cambridge, 1952)

What are criteria for System Quality ??

  • Efficient & Effective in
    • Production
    • Use
    • Maintenance
    • Retrofit
  • Other Criteria??