Creating a positive school climate
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Creating a Positive School Climate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Positive School Climate. What are the indicators of a positive school climate? List your top Five. (Take a moment).

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Creating a positive school climate

Creating a Positive School Climate

What are the indicators of a positive school climate?

List your top Five.

(Take a moment)

A positive school climate can only be built if all students and staff are on the same page, moving in the same direction.There must be a consensus about expectations for student behaviour AND there must be a willingness to work together to enforce common rules and standards

Students, parents and teachers must see and staff are on the same page, moving in the same direction.consistent enforcement of school expectations and know that they will be asked to correct any inappropriate behaviours.

Mission purpose
Mission / Purpose Rocks!

Why do we exist?

What is our purpose?

(Take a moment to discuss)

If we believe all kids can learn, and that we must bring all students to their full potential in a loving, Christ filled learning environment then …

Behaviour cannot get in the way of academic success and spiritual growth.


Vision Rocks!

What kind of school are we trying to create?

What are our values?


What do we value?

(Take a moment to discuss)

Plan for how students will behave well not what you will do when they don t
Plan for how students will behave well, Rocks!Not what you will do when they don’t.

If you don t know where you are going you probably aren t going to get there yogi berra
If you don’t know where you are going. Rocks!You probably aren’t going to get there.(Yogi Berra)

Core values

Core Values Rocks!

How do we attain shared vision?

What attitudes, behaviours and commitments do we need to get us our shared future.

What is our attitude towards discipline?

Clarity of values foster
Clarity of Values foster: Rocks!

  • Feeling of personal effectiveness

  • Increase levels of loyalty

  • Consensus on goals

  • Individuals have direction to act autonomously

  • Strong norms about hard work and caring

  • Decrease stress

How do we see discipline
How Do We See Discipline? Rocks!

Climate is not just discipline, but it includes discipline.

Attitudes determine outcomes

Discipline is
Discipline is … Rocks!

  • The action parents & staff take to increase student success.

  • Instilling the Gospel Values and positive attitudes.

  • Teaching prosocial skills.

  • Teaching students how to work within a structure of rules & limits.

For all staff and students to be on the same page Rocks!Valueshave to be agreed upon.Then staff and students must reach consensus on what these values look like in different contexts.

Possible values

Respect Rocks!





Caring / Kindness












Possible Values