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Sapphire . ----Sapphire---- Rm. 304. Birthstone Properties. Color - Shade of blue or any color besides shade of Red or Pink. Transparency - Luster - Vitreous to Adamantine Magnetism - Hardness - 9.0 on Mohs Scale. Interesting Facts.

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Rm. 304

Birthstone properties

Birthstone Properties

Color - Shade of blue or any color besides shade of Red or Pink.

Transparency -

Luster - Vitreous to Adamantine

Magnetism -

Hardness - 9.0 on Mohs Scale

Interesting facts

Interesting Facts

One of the legends are Sapphire is the holy stone of the sun god Apollo, because the transparent dark blue has the reputation of "the kingdom of heaven Sacred Stone". Sapphire was used to decorate places of worship, and as a ritual tribute. While the Persians think that the earth is supported by a huge sapphire, and Sapphire blue color reflect to the sky.

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Interesting facts continued

Interesting Facts Continued...

The color of Sapphire is the primary measure to its value. The more blue, the higher price of the gem. Actually, the nature gems most are called The Sapphire except red is called Ruby.

Where is the gem found

Where is the Gem Found ?

Good quality Sapphire's are found in Cambodia, Madagascar, Thailand, Australia, USA, Nigeria and Kenya while others are found in Burmese and Sri Lankan mines.

How is the birthstone formed and what kind of rock mineral is it

How is the Birthstone Formed ?

And what kind of Rock/Mineral is it?

Sapphire is formed from deep in the Earth. Every few years some few geysers Usually under water or in caves spout a volcanic mineral, making that mineral take years to harden and condense.

Type of Mineral/Rock - Metamorphic Rock

What is the birthstone used for and what is the value

What is The Birthstone used for ?

And what is the Value ?

Price : 20,000$/ct or more ( Depends )

The clear plates are made from synthetic sapphires, so they don't get scratched, as are many watches do too, lots of cutting and grinding tools and expensive sandpapers use them ( mostly synthetic ones contain Sapphire ).



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