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Gross domestic product
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Gross Domestic Product. How do you measure economic growth?. Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Dollar Value of all new FINAL goods & services produced domestically over one year. Currently = $16.6 Trillion dollars Released quarterly by the Government ( measured by % growth )

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Gross Domestic Product

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Gross domestic product

Gross Domestic Product

How do you measure economic growth?

Gross domestic product gdp

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • Dollar Value of all new FINAL goods & services produced domestically over one year.

    • Currently = $16.6 Trillion dollars

  • Released quarterly by the Government(measured by % growth)

    • Recession = Negative GDP growth for 2 consecutive quarters

  • Historically U.S. GDP grows between 1% - 5% annually

    • Growth above 5% is considered “too fast”

      • causes inflation…

    • Growth below 2% is considered “too slow”

      • causes rising unemployment

Gross domestic product

GDP growth by quarter(3months)

Slow GDP growth recovery

from great recession = +2.0%

2 ways to measure gdp

Resource SuppliedIncome Received



Financial CapitalInterest

Entrepreneurial TalentProfit

2 Ways to measure GDP

  • Since every economic transaction has both a buyer & a seller => there are 2 ways to measure GDP

    • GDP is the sum of all spending or all income

    • 1) ExpenditureMethod= add up all spending

      • method used most of the time in AP Economics

  • 2) Income Method= add up all income (wages, rent, interest & profits)

Gross domestic product


Total Expenditures

must equal

Total Income

Goods and



and services





Labor, land,

Factors of

capital & entrepreneurship



Wages, rent,

Interest & profit

2 methods of calculating GDP continued

GDP = Total Income

GDP = Total Expenditures




= Flow of inputs

and outputs

= Flow of dollars

Not included in gdp

NOT included in GDP:

Intermediate Goods:

Only FINAL goods counts (must avoid “double counting”)

Example: steel used to make a car does not count

count only value of the entire car (not parts)


  • If you call a plumber it counts. If you fix your sink

It does not count

Underground Economy

  • illegal sale of goods (drugs), payments made “under the table”, etc…

Financial Transactions

only a transfer of assets

Gov’t Transfer Payments

Gov’t transfers to person or company

Example: welfare, social security, etc…

International goods:

  • Only goods produced in USA count

    Second hand sales

  • only NEW sales count

Gross domestic product







Expenditure Equation for GDP:

GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

New Capital Machinery

New Construction

Unsold Inventories

Worksheet gdp analysis

Worksheet: GDP Analysis

GDP = C + I + G + (NX)

Primary use of gdp

Primary Use of GDP

  • Objective way to “keep score” on economic performance

  • Politicians monitor GDP figures to determine Gov’t Policy

  • Federal Reserve also base their policy decisions on GDP

U s gdp in comparison

23% of World GDP

U.S. GDP in Comparison

  • U.S. $16.0Trillion

  • Entire World: $70.0 Trillion

  • China 7.0 Trillion

  • Japan 6.0 Trillion

  • Germany 3.3 Trillion

  • India 1.8 Trillion

Per capita gdp

Per Capita GDP

  • GDP divided by a countries population

  • Illustrates the $ value of economic output perperson

  • Current Statistics:

    • USA310,000,000 Million people

    • GDP$15,600,000,000,000 Trillion dollars

    • Per Capital GDP = $50,000

Global perspective per capita gdp

Global Perspective: Per Capita GDP

  • World$8,600

  • Luxembourg $104,000

  • Denmark$56,000

  • U.S. $46,000

  • England$36,000

  • Japan$39,000

  • China $3,700

  • Bhutan $1,800

Gross domestic product

GDP Per Capita

What gdp does not measure

What GDP does Not Measure

  • The mix of products:

    • all goods treated equally: Guns versus Food

  • How goods are distributed

    • Is wealth concentrated evenly?

  • The Quality of goods

    • New computers with more memory

Gdp and quality of life

GDP and Quality of Life

  • Does not measure Leisure Time

    • Vacation Days in Europe vs. U.S.

  • Work 80 hours instead of 40 hrs/week, GDP increases

    • What about quality of life?

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