Austin peay state university accounts payable
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Austin Peay State University Accounts Payable. PO Box 4635 Clarksville, TN 37044 Browning Building, Room 146 (931) 221-1037. What does Accounts Payable process?. Payment Authorizations Reimbursements Business Meal Payment Authorizations Travel Claims & Advances Contract Payments

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Austin Peay State University Accounts Payable

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Austin Peay State University Accounts Payable

PO Box 4635 Clarksville, TN 37044

Browning Building, Room 146

(931) 221-1037

What does Accounts Payable process?

  • Payment Authorizations

    • Reimbursements

    • Business Meal Payment Authorizations

  • Travel Claims & Advances

  • Contract Payments

    • Personal Service Agreements

  • Stipends

  • Journals & Expenditure Transfers

Accounts Payable Breakdown

Payment Authorization

Payment Authorization (continued)

  • Please fill out all required information, once items have been received, to prevent delay in payment to the vendor

  • Obtain necessary signatures before submitting to Accounts Payable

  • Also used for reimbursements of items purchased (except for food)

  • If it is a new vendor, please submit a Substitute W-9 and Minority/Ethnicity forms filled out by the vendor along with payment information

  • Payment authorizations are required for payment of items totaling less than $4,999.00


Payment Authorization (continued)

  • Accounts Payable does NOT place orders

    • Do not send a payment authorization to us until the items are ready to be paid for, i.e. have been received in a satisfactory manner

  • We do not control your budgets, nor do we keep track of how much you spend

  • Do not wait on an invoice to send a payment authorization

    • Invoices are normally sent to A/P

    • If you receive the invoice, then please forward it along with your PA

  • We do not need:

    • Duplicate copies of invoices if WEsent them to YOU

    • Departmental purchase orders

    • Packing slips

    • Emails between you and your department chair/dean/VP saying it is okay to order an item and discussing budgets

      • The only email we need is from PR stating you have print approval for logo items

  • We cannot make payment until we have received all the necessary paperwork

    Please think of the environment and save a tree and

    your department some money!

    Please recycle!

Business Meal Payment Authorization

  • Required when food items are purchased AND university personnel are present

  • Can use this form OR a payment authorization when feeding students only


  • Can be used instead of a payment authorization when ONLY paying for a meal

Changes are coming!

  • One Stop Shopping

  • Online Approvals

  • Budget Encumbrance

  • Order Delivery

  • Paperless


Geraldine Garner

(931) 221-7373

PO Box 4635


  • Travel Authorization forms MUST be submitted at least two weeks before travel begins

  • Travel paperwork must be submitted to the Business Office with the appropriate approval

  • Travel Authorization

  • Can be found by visiting Accounting Services website

  • Downloadable PDF file

  • For use prior to travelling

    • by car

    • by airplane

    • to conferences

    • etc…

Travel Authorization

  • What do I need to fill out on the travel authorization form?

    • Fill out the top portion

    • Tell us how you PLAN to travel

    • List all expenses (or you will not be reimbursed for them)

    • Airfare (T-numbers)

      • Is the university paying?

    • Lodging (Conference exception)

    • Meals and incidentals

      • In-State refer to TBR guidelines

      • Out-of-State refer to CONUS -

    • Registration

      • If it needs to be paid in advance, please fill out the bottom portion

    • Total Expenses

Travel Authorization continued…

  • Travel Advances

    • Not to exceed 80%

  • List FOAP (Fund-Orgn-Account)

  • Obtain appropriate signatures

Travel Claim

Travel Claim

  • Filled out upon return from trip

  • Original receipts are required

  • Mileage is paid at 47¢/mile

  • Mileage is calculated using Rand McNally Tripmaker

  • Maximum parking fee is $8/day without a receipt

  • Banquets/Luncheon

  • Phone calls (business)

  • Include FOAP (Fund-Orgn-Account)

  • Appropriate Signatures

  • Common Problems?

New and improved travel is on the way!

Automated Travel Authorizations and Travel Claims


Anita McKnight

(931) 221-7694

PO Box 4635


Contact the Office of the University Attorney

Phone (931) 221-7572

Fax (931) 221-7569


Journals & Expenditure Transfers

  • Journals

    • Used internally by the Business Office

    • If a data entry error is made on a payment authorization by Accounts Payable, then we file a journal to correct the accounting information

  • Expenditure Transfers

    • Used when one department is charging another department

    • If a coding error is made on a payment authorization by the department (wrong FOAP), they could file an expenditure transfer to correct the accounting information

      • Requires appropriate signature

      • Reason for request must be stated

      • Attach reference material if necessary


Call (931) 221-1037

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