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CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT. Monthly Data Acquisition Bacteriological samples are pulled once a month and laboratory results are submitted directly to DEP Monthly operating reports are prepared manually and mailed to DEP (DMR’s can be submitted electronically)

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Monthly Data Acquisition

  • Bacteriological samples are pulled once a month and laboratory results are submitted directly to DEP

  • Monthly operating reports are prepared manually and mailed to DEP (DMR’s can be submitted electronically)

  • Daily test which include chlorine residual and flows are recorded and then summarized on the monthly operating reports.


Under the Old System

  • Copies of the CCR were made and mailing labels were produced based on utility customers addresses

  • Depending on the size of the utility - printing, folding, envelope preparation and postage and could take up to 3 to 6 days depending on staffing

  • Also advertising within a local newspaper was required for one time publication and based on pricing it could run anywhere from $250-$600


New System

  • Florida Rural Water Association arranged for a meeting with representatives of DEP to assist and help prepare individual municipalities CCR (Help Sessions)

  • Since DEP had all necessary MORs and lab analysis, the report can be completed within 45 minutes and ready for publication

  • The Town placed the CCR on its website and posted it for three consecutive months on the utility bills with a direct link to the CCR on the website


The new system has given the utility options to pick from as an additional effort to notify the public:

  • Post report on the municipalities website

  • Publish the report in a local newspaper

  • Prepare a press release, radio announcement, or TV announcement;

  • Mail individual copies to utility customers;

  • Deliver multiple copies to community organizations;

  • Post the report in public locations;

  • Report to be distributed by other methods(additional copies placed in entrance hall to facility).

  • If the customer required a paper copy, they were to contact Town Hall.

CCR Electronic Delivery

Do you remember last year the problems you had with completing your CCR and being sure that you had it

printed and mailed before the July 1st deadline not to mention the costs involved?

Recent changes allowed by EPA and initiated by Congress through action and leadership of Florida Congressman Bill Young and many of the Florida Congressional delegation allow electronic delivery of the Water Quality Reports to customers.

It is estimated each Florida Water Utility will save $1 per customer per year through this electronic delivery opportunity and Florida led effort by the Florida Congressional Delegation leadership.

The likely and most popular way for water utilities to comply with the new EPA rules and

deliver these reports in the future will be to place a statement and a direct URL link on each water bill letting customers know where they can view, review and print a copy of their CCR report from.

  You must also place an opt out check box on the bill where the customer can check, return and request a mailed copy form the water utility. In other words, where they can opt out of electronic delivery and opt back into mailed delivery.

It is our suggestion you place your CCR on your own website and put the direct URL link from your website on the customer bill. For example:

 If you don’t currently have a website now would be a great time to develop one for this CCR posting, other promotional/public relation and communication benefits.

If you would like to start your own website you may contact and they will assist you with developing a website for a $150.00 setup fee and $30.00 per month afterwards.

If you don’t have or want a website the Florida Rural Water Association would host your CCR for a nominal fee each year.  This service is available to all Active, Parent, and Sub members of FRWA. 

The fee must be paid before you CCR will be posted online.  The fee is based on the size of your utility by the guidelines below:

It’s quick and easy…

  • Send a hard copy or email (to of your CCR along with your DEP approval, a completed application, and a company check as payment to: FRWA, 2970 Wellington Circle, Tallahassee FL 32309.

  • Email your completed application with credit card information, your CCR, and DEP approval to Becky@frwa.netor you may pay online.

  • After your information and payment is received your CCR will be posted within 24 hours.

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