The Assyrians
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The Assyrians PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Assyrians. Today’s Goal: What were the most significant accomplishments of the Assyrians and Chaldeans?. Assyrian Geography. Assyria’s capital was established at Nineveh. Walls of Nineveh.

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The Assyrians

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The Assyrians

Today’s Goal: What were the most significant accomplishments of the Assyrians and Chaldeans?

Assyrian Geography

Assyria’s capital was established at Nineveh

Walls of


Their capital at Nineveh on the Tigris river had a constant supply of fresh water. Tribute and stolen treasures were displayed in this huge capital.

Assyrian Society

  • Nobility

  • Artisans

  • Unskilled free workers

  • Serfs (bound to land)

  • Slaves

  • Women had lower position

Assyrian Empire

Assyrian god – they were polytheistic

Assyrian god Assur

  • Nineveh held one of the ancient world’s largest libraries

  • King Ashurbanipal collected 20,000 clay tablets, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, in this library

Tablets from his library

Flood Tablet found in Assurbanipal’s library

Used cuneiform, then later Aramaic

  • Constant warfare

  • Innovations:

    • Battering ram

    • Cavalry

    • Leather & metal armor

    • Camels for desert warfare

    • Conscription (draft of soldiers)

    • Siege tower

Assyrian Conquests

Assyrian Guardian figure

Weighs 30 tons

6 ½ ft high

Assyrian carving

Assyrian Winged Bull

Winged Assyrian Bull

Chaldeans and the Medes joined to defeat the Assyrians in 612 BC

Why did other people in the region celebrate when the Assyrians were defeated?

The Chaldeans

(Neo Babylonians)

Capital = Babylon

Restored by King Nebuchadnezzar


Ruins of



Nebuchadnezzar had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (a garden on top of the palace) built for his wife

Hanging Gardensof Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar II’s Babylon

Parts of Babylon have been rebuilt by Saddam Hussein

Rebuilt by Saddam Hussein


Ishtar Gate of Babylon


Dragon of Marduk on the wall of the Ishtar Gate

Lion in Nebuchadnezzar's throne room

Design in throne room

The Star Gazers of Babylon

Priests observed & recorded the night sky

Stars determined human destiny, could foretell future

They observed the Zodiac, a belt of 12 constellations and the phases of the moon

Assyrians formed the basis for both astronomy & astrology.

First Historical Horoscope

Today’s Goal: What were the most significant accomplishments of the Assyrians and Chaldeans?

With a partner, list what you think are the TOP 3 accomplishments of the Assyrians and Chaldeans (be able to explain why).

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