Premset 15 kv compact modular vacuum switchgear fixed circuit breakers
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Premset 15 kV Compact modular vacuum switchgear Fixed circuit-breakers PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Premset 15 kV Compact modular vacuum switchgear Fixed circuit-breakers. Understand the choice of fixed circuit-breakers and the advantages they offer to customers Regarding environmental and installation conditions. Infrastructure Business Training. Expert: Jean-Marc Biasse

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Premset 15 kV Compact modular vacuum switchgear Fixed circuit-breakers

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Premset15 kVCompact modular vacuum switchgearFixed circuit-breakers

  • Understand the choice of fixed circuit-breakers and the advantages they offer to customers

  • Regarding environmental and installation conditions

Infrastructure Business Training

Expert: Jean-Marc Biasse

Coordinator: Christine Storck

Pedagogy & Production: AMEG

Duration: 7 min.

1 - Definitions and context

Characteristicsof withdrawable circuit-breakers

  • Disconnection of the main circuit by an extraction table

  • Equipped with sliding contacts

  • Circuit-breaker may be extracted using a tool

Characteristics of fixed circuit-breakers

  • Fixed contacts bolted to the main circuit require no lubrication or servicing

  • Smaller footprint


  • Trend toward fixed circuit-breakers

    • Up until recently, withdrawable circuit-breakers were used because of easy maintenance and replacement.

    • Innovations eliminated appreciably reduced? the need to maintain and replace circuit-breakers.

    • The current trend is toward the use of fixed circuit-breakers for reasons that will be presented to you in next chapter.

Schneider Electric ranges examples of fixed CB switchgears






Siemens: 8DJH

ABB: Safe Plus

Eaton: SVS

Other manufacturers

  • Many competitors offer fixed circuit breakers:

    • Eaton: SVS

    • Siemens: 8DJH

    • ABB: Safe Plus

2 – Why to chose fixed CB

Historical reasons

Maintenance of oil circuit-breaker in the past

Sectionalising facility

Test position to enable testing of the relay protection chain

Maintenance and safety procedures

Suitable for installations in electro-intensive industries

Oil & Gas, minerals, metals and paper

High fault levels due to the presence of MV motors

I > 3150 A, Icc > 40 kA

Frequency of switching

Quick replacement of CB for critical applications

High availability of field service personnel

Why are withdrawable circuit-breakers challenging the usual established industry logic?

Reasons to move towardsMV fixed circuit-breakers

Withdrawable CBs face specific failure risks if maintenance is not sufficient

Overheating on sliding contacts if poor alignment between fixed & moving part

Mechanical jamming of CB truck, shutters and associated interlock

Poor electrical contact in the auxiliary switch connectors

Higher reliability of fixed CBs

High quality of bolted contacts, less sensitive to environment

High reliability of vacuum interrupters

Testbox device for periodic maintenance operations without CB removal

Future of MV circuit-breaker panel designchallenging the usual established industry logic

Which unnecessary features taken for granted by the industry should be eliminated?

Which features should be reduced below the industry standard?

Which new values should be created that the industry has never offered?

Which features should be raised well above the industry standard ?

Withdrawability, O-0,3s-CO, Switch-

fuse for MV/LV transformer protection

Footprint, Corrective maintenance

Harsh environment withstand, operator

safety through internal arc withstand,

switchgear life expectancy

100 A – 200 A optimized CBs for MV/LV transformer protection, dedicated cable testing devices, screened CTs and VTs

3 – Customers benefits

Fixed CB

Benefits for customers

Reinforced continuityof service

  • Proven reliability of vacuum interrupters

    • MTTF > 35,000 years (ceramic insulating body, sealed for life)

  • With fixed circuit-breakers in GIS and 2SIS systems, service life is longer

    • No deterioration due to environmental conditions

Modern fixed circuit-breakers with vacuuminterrupters require very low maintenance service.

No more need to clean or lubricate contacts.

The circuit-breaker is bolted on, avoiding exposure to air of sliding contacts.

No more moving mechanisms (disconnecting contacts, shutters, truck), a potential cause of failure.

Low maintenance

Low cost

A real reduction of

maintenance requirements

Low maintenance cost

Easy testing

Testing as easy as with withdrawable devices

Testing is done on the front panel, without any dismantling

Mimic diagrams facilitate testing and display circuit-breaker status

In some cases, an optional accessory may be used for primary injection without disconnecting the breaker

Earthing switch operation



testing by secondary injection

Premset mimic diagram

Normal conditions class

Favorable conditions

clean and dry trench,

absence of dust,

stable temperature,

no humidity,

no vegetation around,

not in a coastal area, …

>Modular AIS switchgear with withdrawable CB

Resistance environment

  • Depending on

  • application fields

  • environmental conditions

  • installation conditions

  • Different levels of withstand

    • Dust

    • Pollution

    • Temperature changes causing condensation

    • Humidity

  • Aggressive conditions class

  • Poor installation conditions

  • combined with special

  • Environment

  • humidity-condensation,

  • dust, other deposit,

  • water in cable trenches,

  • salty, polluted atmosphere, …

    >GIS & 2SIS switchgear

    with fixed CB

  • Severe conditions class

  • Less favourable & more

  • sensitive conditions

  • close to sea,

  • close to dusty area,

  • >Modular AIS switchgear with withdrawable CB

    if decent installation conditions

4 – Main points to remember

Main points to remember

Fixed circuit-breakers offer many advantages for customers:

  • Smaller footprint

  • Simple operating modes and testing

  • Reduced maintenance requirements

  • Improved continuity of service

  • High resistance to difficult environmental conditions

Schneider Electric

- Energy Business Training - Premset: Fixed circuit breakers – October 2012


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- Energy Business Training - Premset: Fixed circuit breakers - October 2012


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