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Causes of Ineffective Time Management. ProcrastinatingBeing disorganized Accepting too many new responsibilitiesUnderestimating time demandsFailing to block out interruptionsHopping from one thing to another . Not concentratingClaiming to work best under the pressure of deadlinesSocializing e

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2. Causes of Ineffective Time Management Procrastinating Being disorganized Accepting too many new responsibilities Underestimating time demands Failing to block out interruptions Hopping from one thing to another Not concentrating Claiming to work best under the pressure of deadlines Socializing excessively Spending time on the problems of others Doing what someone else should do (instead delegate)

3. Time Management Techniques Prioritize tasks (spend 80% of time on the most important 20% of things to do) Plan your day or tasks and follow your plan Make "to do" lists and check off items when they are accomplished Establish short and long-term goals Develop timelines to measure progress in accomplishing goals Reward incremental progress

4. Time Management Techniques Develop processes to complete routine tasks (doing more than one thing at a time; touch a piece of paper only once) Delegate responsibilities whenever possible Maintain concentration Prevent self-interruptions and distractions by maintaining your most productive work environment

5. Time Management Techniques Practice mental imagery or visualization of being successful in fulfilling responsibilities Exercise daily for control of stress Relax and breathe deeply Learn to say “no” Accept your limits

6. The Message Sent When Someone Is Late “One message is that their time is more important than my time, a rather arrogant message to be sending to me. Being late also conveys the message that I must not be very important to them because they would almost certainly be on time for an important person. It also communicates to me that they are not very honest because honest people stick to their word and follow through with their commitments, even time commitments. Being late is extremely disrespectful behavior and is also habit forming.” (Hunter, 1998, p. 115)

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