A look in into the use of expressionism
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What is Expressionism in Art ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A look in into the use of expressionism. What is Expressionism in Art ?. What does expressionism in art mean?.

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What is Expressionism in Art ?

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A look in into the use of expressionism

What is Expressionism in Art ?

What does expressionism in art mean?

  • Expressionism in art is the use of colors, shapes, compositions and other elements of art, to portray the subjective emotions or moods of the artist. The artwork interprets the emotion and most times that calls for the artist to draw things that out of the bounds of realistic images.

What are some key element’s used to portray expression in art?

  • Colors

  • Composition

  • Shapes

When did expressionism first begin to appear?

  • Expressionism began to arise in the late 19th to early 20th century. A well known artist who used expressionism was Vincent Van Gogh, whose famous piece was “The Starry Night”.

A famous Expressionist

  • A well known artist in that category of art was Edvard Munch. He was known to have fear of death, and often his paintings were of illness and death. One of his well known painting is a painting called “The Scream”. This famous often provokes frustration or stress that people often feel.

Another famous Expressionist

  • Jackson Pollock was another famous abstract expressionist. He was adopted by his neighbors after both his parents died one year apart from another. As an adult he struggled with both depression and alcoholism. This piece is called “Mural”.

What is the difference between expressionism and impressionism?

  • The difference between the two is that while in expressionism people use the elements of art to portray or interpret some sort of emotion, impressionism uses colors and different types of brush strokes to paint a image, it’s basically composed of many visible brush stokes.

What I think of Expression in Art

  • I think that this type of art is the most interesting type of art. To me almost all art has some kind feeling in it that people try to interpret. Tattoos are another form of art that expresses emotions, moods, or anything important to people.


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