Greek latin root words unit 9
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Greek & Latin Root Words: Unit 9 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Greek & Latin Root Words: Unit 9. 12th Grade. JUD. Judgment Latin. JUDICIOUS. Having or showing good judgment The cow was judicious when it came to eating its brethren [delicious veal…]. D0$$. Word. ADJUDICATE. To settle a dispute or argument

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Greek & Latin Root Words: Unit 9

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Greek & Latin Root Words: Unit 9

12th Grade





  • Having or showing good judgment

  • The cow was judicious when it came to eating its brethren [delicious veal…]. D0$$. Word.


  • To settle a dispute or argument

  • Boss Hog adjudicated the town policy on moonshine in the city limits. -VestMaster


Law, custom, habit, humor



  • Not concerned about morality

  • Beware the amoral chickens! They will peck your eyes out with no provocation!


  • Attitudes and behaviors that are so firmly fixed that they are followed like laws

  • The farm children demonstrated a proper understanding of social mores when they chose not to birth the cow in front of Brandon Minter. – Step Nanie


  • Gloomy, bad-tempered

  • The horse had a morose attitude after he saw the glue factory truck. 


Law-abiding, pious, dutiful OR atone



  • To make up for doing wrong

  • Eyore II, the pasty-faced mule, was forced to expiate for kicking the farmer. – Step Nanie, Vestmaster


  • Lacking respect for what should be worshipped

  • In Annabel’s Wish, the horse was impious when it bit and attempted to consume Santa, rejecting forever his offer of communication. –Vest Master, 35 cent, D0$$


Holy, sacred



  • To set apart as holy; to give up to a purpose

  • Farmer De-Wayne consecrated the silo following a covert goat operation to abscond with the grain. – Step Nanie


  • Very bad; hateful

  • The old gray mare who “ain’t what she used to be” was execrable following the onset of cataracts; even the glue factory denied her entrance.  Curses to the domineering jerks at the glue factory who unnecessarily deem some animals not worth their time or processing. –Step Nanie


  • So sacred or revered as to be off-limits

  • The Muslim goat considered the hay loft to be sacrosanct; sadly he would never visit the promise land due to his lack of opposable thumbs. 

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