2012 campaign chew whatch you want
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2012 Campaign:Chew Whatch ’ You Want

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2012 Campaign:Chew Whatch ’ You Want - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Campaign:Chew Whatch ’ You Want . Web Banner @ cnn.com. The piece of gum is anchored in the Stride banner on CNN’s homepage. It is also attached to the mouse, as the mouse moves across the page, the piece of gum stretches with it. . World = Flavor.

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The piece of gum is anchored in the Stride banner on CNN’s homepage. It is also attached to the mouse, as the mouse moves across the page, the piece of gum stretches with it.

stride gum website

Visitors who click on our web banner will be taken to site where they can choose their world.

Mousing over the packs of gum and clicking takes provides additional detail, to the right.

Once you choose your world, the main page reflects that world.

As the visitor scrolls over the videos playing, the flavor that corresponds with that “world” is revealed.

Stride gum website
why worlds

Worlds offer a unique way to personify each of Stride’s most popular flavors.

  • When the chewer bites into a piece of Stride gum, they become part of that world.
  • Essentially we want teens to have a gum flavor that fits their own unique personality. Each flavor reflects their lifestyle, personality and world.
Why Worlds?
why worlds1

Sponsorships, blogs and videos are specific to the world they’re in.

  • In an arctic cold world (Winterblue), a snowboarder flies down a mountain.
  • In a melonesque-world, a chewer can picture themselves on a beach or biting into a nice melon while playing in their backyard pool.
Why Worlds?

Stride Scholarship:

High school student Stride Students will have the opportunity to submit their stories of the most outrageous thing they have ever done. Applicants may submit videos, songs, essays, PowerPoint presentations etc. It is open for their own minds to be creative:


1st place: Stride sponsored Prom and 1000 dollars a year

2nd place: 1000 a year

3rd place: 500 dollars a year

mobile application

Here application users can answer a series of questions about their personality. Stride will match them up with their Soul Flavor

Mobile Application
mobile application1

In this part of the application users will have the option to enter the mood they are feeling.

For example: Hearbreak, Happy, Just got an A, Just failed a quiz, Have a big test today, Can’t find my dog, Going to see twilight.

Stride will pair them with a perfect flavor to get them through the day.

Mobile Application
mobile application2

The stride application also has a game. It is just like pacman only teachers are the bad guys(ghosts) and stride packages are the powerups. The dots that pac man normally eats are bubbles and the gamer has the option to be a male or female player. Don’t get caught chewing gum by the teacher.

Mobile Application
mobile application3

This portion of the app is also available on the website. Everyone has their own flavor of gum. On this part of the application Gum chewers can design their own personal gum Package. They can choose the flavors that the package holds as well. When they are finished creating their ultimate gum package designers have the option to share on Facebook to all their friends.

Mobile Application
stride twilight

For a limited time, to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2, we’re releasing a special Twilight Breaking Dawn gum.

Can you stand the bite?

Stride: Twilight

This special world was created solely for the Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2 launch 16 Nov. 2012.

Clicking on the link on the left side takes you to a map in which one can conduct a virtual tour of Forks, Washington