Project developing an ad campaign
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Project Developing an ad campaign PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Developing an ad campaign. 南京五中 黄祖明 方玉勇. Step One: Comprehension. An ad campaign is an organized programme of advertisements using various kinds of ads to reach a particular audience. 1 What is an ad campaign? 2 What media can you use in an ad campaign?

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Project Developing an ad campaign

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Project Developing an ad campaign


黄祖明 方玉勇

Step One: Comprehension

An ad campaign is an organized programme of

advertisements using various kinds of ads to reach

a particular audience.

1 What is an ad campaign?

2 What media can you use in an ad campaign?

3 What questions should we first consider?

We can use different kinds of media, including

newspapers,magazines,televisions,billboards, mailing, etc.

1 Who is the audience for your ad campaign?

2 What do you want your ad campaign to say?

3 How do you reach your audience?

Detailed information:














Main idea of each paragraph

the definition of an ad campaign/

what an ad campaign means

Para. 1

Para. 2

Para. 3

Para. 4

the target audience and how to determine

the target audience

what the ad campaign says

how to reach the target audience

Step Two: Language Focuses

1reach a particular audience… (line 2)

Reach here means ‘attain/achieve’.


We can never reach perfection.

You will know better when you reach my age.


After a long discussion, we _______ ______ ___________ on what steps we should take in the next three months.(达成理解)




2 In order to determine…(line 11)

determine:decide firmly/find out

Eg.We haven’t determined when to leave.

Can you determine the meaning of the word?

determine on/upon:resolve

Eg.We determined on an early start.

determine to do sth.

He determined to learn French.

determined: ~ to do sth.

I’m determined to succeed.


We _____ ______ _______ adopt his suggestion.





3 appeal to the way…(line 19)

appeal to: V.

(a) be attractive/interesting

Eg. Do these paintings appeal to you?

(b) make an earnest request 恳求/呼吁

Eg. The police appealed to the crowd not to panic.


Eg. an appeal for help/ food

The new fashion soon lost its appeal.


The idea of working abroad never ______ ______ me.(吸引)



4 be concerned with…(line 23)

be concerned with: be about

Her latest article is concerned with Taiwan Issues.

Mr Zhang is much concerned with the disabled.

concern:V. affect

The loss is serious for all concerned.

N. It’s no concern of mine.

What are your main concerns as a writer?

as far as sb/sth. concerned:就某人/事而言


We ________ _________ _________

_________ his safety.( 都关心)


Can you make a sentence?





5 what approach you want to …(line 28)

approach N. ways

We can try a new approach to language teaching.

N. coming near to

At her approach the children ran off.

approach V. come near/get close to

As you approach the town the first building you see is the church.

I find him difficult to approach.

Identify different meanings of approach.

=with the night falling down夜幕降临

a With the approach of night, it became colder and colder.

b The approach to the city was blocked.

c The time is approaching when they will leave for London.


d Did he approach you about helping him with his homework?

=way to去城里的路

=coming near时间快到了

= go to找你

Step Three: Developing an ad campaign


  • Work in small groups.

    (2) Decide the subject of your ad campaign from the listed.

    (3) If you have your own idea,please get your teacher’s approval.

    Animal protection Anti-smoking

    Anti-drugs Anti-littering

    The subject of your ad campaign will be_____.


  • Discussion :


    (2) Team work:


What should each member do?

researcher---find inf. from various sources

logo/slogan designer--- made it attractive

proposal writer--- write a brief outline and plan

some questions

the whole team---work as a whole and everyone should contribute to the project


  • Make your presentation clearly.

  • Answer questions concerning your ad campaign.

    (3) Post your logo and slogan.

Let’s enjoy it!


1 Finish Ex. B2on Page 91.

2 Preview the listening material on Page 96.



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