Maturity through fellowship
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Maturity through Fellowship. One of the strongest warning in scripture about fellowship in Heb 10:25 The Bible is filled with words like brothers, sister, father and children. These words suggest a special relationship between members of one family.

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Maturity through Fellowship

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Maturity through Fellowship

One of the strongest warning in scripture about fellowship in Heb 10:25

The Bible is filled with words like brothers, sister, father and children.

These words suggest a special relationship between members of one family.

We are in reality closer together than our physical family.

Why is fellowship so important?

  • I belong in God’s family with other believers

    Gal 6:10. Wow note the word ESPECIALLY

    Eph 2:19 : Note– we are from the same household, same Father and same privilege.

    Ro. 12:5– we cannot exist in isolation, we need each other.

  • “The Christian who is not committed to a group of believers for praying, sharing and serving, so that he is known, as he knows others, is not an obedient Christian. He is not in the will of God. However vocal he may be in his theology, he is not obeying the Lord.”– Ray Ortland.

  • Of the 100 – 104 times church is mention in the Bible, 98 times it means local gathering of believers.

Why is fellowship so important?

  • I need encouragement to grow spiritually

    Heb. 10:24.

    Here we are commanded to think of ways we can encourage one another to grow in good works.

    Eccl 4:9-10,12.

    One is too a small number to achieve greatness– John C Maxwell

3. I need encouragement to grow spiritually

Prov. 27:17

Note: sin is like bitter gall wrapped up in sugar ball: its glamorous; it smells good, it tastes good, but when it goes down its bitter.

Gal 6:1-2

How do we fulfill the law of Christ?

Loving other people

4. Christ is present when we fellowship together

Matt 18:20

His present brings liberty, joy and peace.

5. There is great power when people pray together

Matt 18:19 What a great promise.

Have we been maximizing the benefit of this promise by praying together for our community and other issues within God’s will?

6. Fellowship is a witness to the world.

John 17:21 & John 13:35 Does our behaviour to each others convince outsiders that we are disciples of Christ?

Christ’s love is helping when its not convenient, giving when it hurts, doing our best to others when it has no benefit to us. This is why others will noticed.. Its not natural.

7. I am obligated to every other Christian

1Pet 4:10-11

Spiritual gifts are special endowment God gives to every single Christian to serve others. This makes us all interdependent 1Cor.12:5,27

The phrase one another is used about 58 times in the New Testament. This shows we are knitted together.. Love another, serve another, greet another, teach …

How to grow closer as the church become bigger

  • The best way to do this is to be actively engage in a small group.

  • All believers need to be a part of small group in order to survive.

  • Though Sunday morning service is great and exciting, it cannot fulfill the purpose of a small group. It is not one or the other: both are equally important.

The Function of Small Groups

  • Acts 5:42 gives two types of church meetings and the purpose of each.

  • Large group celebration and small group integration (fellowship)

  • The church was always growing in the home of believers. Ro 16:5

ACTS 2:42-47

  • Its useful for studying the Word– the apostle’s teaching/doctrine

  • Its useful to have real fellowship-fellowship

  • Its useful for communion… breaking of bread

  • Useful for prayer….. And to prayer

  • Useful for support.. They met each other needs

  • Useful for socializing… they ate together

7. Useful for worship… praising God and enjoying the favor

8. Useful for mission/ outreach…theLord added to their number daily those who were being saved

Remember: fellowship is very important you are able to be held accountable, you can use your gifts and be ministered to by others gifts.

How to Start and Maintain Good Habits

  • Desire: you must want to start

  • Decision: Start now – Eccl 11:4

  • Declaration: make a covenant Ps 76:11

  • Determination: it takes 21 days to start

  • Do it: Seize every opportunity for do it

  • Double up: Two better than one Eccl 4:9

  • Depend on God: With God its possible

We Can Do It With GOD

  • I pray that we all will commit to these habits as we build our relationship with our Savior and God. The world is desperately waiting for us….. Let’s not let them down.

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