24th Annual ARC Recycling Conference & Trade Show
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24th Annual ARC Recycling Conference & Trade Show September, 2014 | Eureka Springs, AR Jennifer Minney| Dave Barton covanta.com. reduce | reuse | recycle | recover. Every year, Americans consume approximately $190 billion dollars of goods.

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24th Annual ARC Recycling Conference & Trade Show

September, 2014 | Eureka Springs, AR

Jennifer Minney| Dave Barton


reduce | reuse | recycle | recover



Highly regulated advanced air pollution control.

Regulated by EPA Title III Maximum Achievable Control Technology Standards (MACT).

Minimally regulated minimal air pollution control.

Over 170 air pollutants and 46 air toxins, including 4 known carcinogens.




1 ton of greenhouse gas avoided

Every ton of MSW managed at an EfW facility offsets approximately 1 ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leading source of greenhouse gas emissions

Landfills are a leading source of Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas 72x stronger than CO2.



550 KWh per ton

Enough energy to power the average home for 2 weeks.

65 KWh per ton

Enough to power the average home for 2 days.



50lbs. per ton

For each ton of MSW processed Covanta EfW facilities recover 50lbs. of metal.

0lbs.per ton

Landfills bury valuable metal with the MSW and no recovery is made.



One hour to process

It takes about an hour to process material and recover energy to the grid.

100+ years to process

MSW degrades in landfills for 100 years or more with uncontrolled emissions presenting long-term environmental liability.

  • 2007 Introduced “Clean World Initiative”

  • 2010 Issued 1st Sustainability Report: Finalist for the Ceres ACCA North American sustainability reporting award

  • 2011 Announced Community Outreach and Environmental Justice Policy

  • 2012 Named among the top 11 U.S. companies in the Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs)

  • 2012 Covanta issues 2nd Sustainability Report and sets a range of sustainability goals

  • 2012 Environmental Step Up (e-Step Up) Announced

  • We own or operate forty two EfW plants in North America.

  • Our facilities achieve a nominal compliance rate of over 99.9 percent, with emissions well below established legal limits.

Covanta EfW facility average emissions as a percentage of federal standards for 2010 and 2011.

  • We help companies permanently destroy non-hazardous materials that pose business risks or threats to public safety and health.

  • Single item or 100 truckloads

    • Production and process waste

    • Counterfeit goods

    • Off-spec and expired products

    • Currency

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Illegal drugs and contraband

    • Liquid waste

    • International waste

  • Certificate of destruction

  • Secured and witnessed destruction

  • We provide the most accessible option for companies pursuing zero waste to landfill goals.

  • No compromise zero landfill solution

  • National footprint

  • Wide variety of materials

  • Transportation services

  • Instant environmental footprint reduction over landfill


We’re helping Keurig with a sustainable end-of-life solution for their consumer’s K-Cups.

We’re zero waste to landfill goals.helping the State of Connecticut put a dent in organic waste.

We’re different than traditional disposal options zero waste to landfill goals.

We’re a great partner for forward thinking companies looking for non-traditional disposal options.

  • A wide variety of waste streams accepted

  • RCRA Loop avoidance (Non-hazardous waste only)

  • Highly advanced pollution control systems


  • Producing a renewable energy product

  • Demonstrated security protocols

We deliver peace of mind zero waste to landfill goals.

Our customers go home at night with peace-of-mind knowing that their materials are handled responsibly and sustainably.

We help businesses…

  • Eliminate long-term liability

  • Improve sustainability

  • Improve corporate image

  • Reduce risk

Consider it gone. zero waste to landfill goals.