Expeditionary Airmanship

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. Overview. Past vs RealityHow we get requirementsHow we present the forceWhat we do What's on the lineWhat's expectedThe future. Old vs. New. . Old vs. New. . Old vs. New. Expeditionary Mindset.

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Expeditionary Airmanship

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1. Expeditionary Airmanship Alan Black SAF/PAR

3. Overview Past vs Reality How we get requirements How we present the force What we do What’s on the line What’s expected The future

4. Old vs. New

5. Old vs. New

6. Old vs. New

7. Expeditionary Mindset “Just doing the job" is something a lot of people say ... But I take my job over here very seriously. Let's face it, tomorrow the helicopter I'm flying in could get shot down, the vehicle I'm driving in could get blown up or a sniper could cream me from outside the IZ. The stakes are a little higher here ... And if these are the odds I'm playing with every time I leave to cover a story - you better believe I'm bringing home some damn good pictures and a damn good story to make it worth the risks. -- U.S. Air Force Combat Journalist Proud member of the Army's frequent flier program!

9. How We Get Requirements Requirements are managed through the Global Force Management process Joint Forces Command is the force provider to Combatant Commanders, who establish the requirement

10. Sourcing ROE & Redlines SecDef (SecDef approval to cross) 1:1 Dwell “Boots on Ground” (BOG) No Greater than 365 Days Reserve/Guard Unit Re-activation necessary Force providers source and highlight risk Risk: operational (CoCom) force mgt, future, and institutional (service) JS/OSD look to USAF/USN for relief 33% AF, 33% USN. 33% USMC/USA or… 50/50 AF/USN if ground combat skills not required OVERALL: JFCOM to consider all options; note All Redlines, articulate risk with sourcing recommendation for every requirement No = CSAF/VCSAF Exceeding USAF’s rotation policy as defined in OSD Force Deployment Rules for OIF / OEF USD (P&R) Memo, 30 Jul 04 (A3/5 notified) Exceeding 1:2 deployment-to-dwell ratio for the AC and / or 1:5 mobilization-to-dwell ratio for the RC as defined in OSD Memorandum, Utilization of the Total Force, 19 Jan 07 (A3/5 approval) USAF execution due to similar capability / like-competency, even though another service Organizes, Trains & Equips and is therefore the preferred force provider (A3/5 approval, CSAF notified) Pre-deployment training (perishable skill) in excess of 60 days in order to execute ad hoc task (A3/5 approval, CSAF notified) USAF to assume a non-core competency task (A3/5 notified, CSAF approval) Changes to programmed unit conversion / deactivation / transformation / re-basing plans / force restructuring or modernization (A3/5 notified, CSAF approval)

11. Force Sourcing Categories

12. Where We Are

13. Presenting The Force The Air Force uses the AEF construct Unit Type Codes describe the capability Many deployment lengths are fixed by COCOM Additional training requirements are added Annual conference held to source requirements individuals get minimum 180 days notice NO ONE is exempt from deploying, as CSAF said We will deploy Airmen Has closed a tech school to deploy the unit Going back to individual UTCs, no 3 person team Centralized force management

19. Tempo Band Level Rotations

20. Combat Skills Training Provincial Reconstruction Teams PRTs Tour Length = 365 Mission training = ~ 2 months @ Fort Bragg Non-AF TACON Tour Length = 179 or 365 CST = 1 month @ Army base (msn specific) CENTAF Tour Length = 179 / 365 CST = 2 weeks @ Ft Dix

22. What We Do Provide trusted counsel Influence operations Visual documentation Outreach Counter propaganda Support to other federal agencies Other duties as required Use social media Weapon system video processing (ANG)

23. What’s On The Line?

24. People are in harm’s way We’ve had one death, others injured When training pays off Watching a video does not make you a doctor Everyone dependent on each other Physically, mentally prepare to go Profiles/documentation ensure capable force Any mission/any time/any place CST is before each deployment Expectations

25. Expectations Training and equipment Ensure everyone is receiving timely training Ensure the unit purchases equipment to train and carry out mission. Deploy with all equipment in LOGDET. Ancillary training current Any time/any place means Army CST, 70lbs of gear, weapons, ammo, hiking, not dragging down the unit AF fitness requirement of being able to run 100 yards is not going to cut it, depending on taskinG Passports and Drivers License Ensure each military member has an official passport and a current military drivers license with HUMVEE on it If PRU/UDM balks at providing, bring in CC support after explaining our wartime requirement

26. Expectations Each Individual Expeditionary Mindset Your responsibility Learn Joint etiquette Study culture (read a book) It is not if, it is when, we need to pack our bags Can I volunteer? What support is available? What if I am not in a wing? Expeditionary PA ops is the reality

27. The Future?

28. The Future Phase 0 operations More PRT type of operations Influence operations Steady pace of deployment requirements Long term presence in the middle east Increase support to State Department Support to FEMA More use of social media in expeditionary environment

29. Contact Us Questions, stuck or need something: Mr Alan Black: [email protected] Twitter @AFPADude FaceBook: Alan Black LinkedIn: Alan Black Skype: AFPADude Mr Randy Phelps: [email protected] Twitter @AFPAMan FaceBook: Randy Phelps SMSgt (s) Stuart Camp: [email protected] FaceBook: Stuart Camp Feel free to friend us, Tweet us or just say hello. GIVE US FEEDBACK!!!!!!!! Let us know what went wrong, not what was good.

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