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Vagif M ustafa zadeh. V.Mustafa zad eh and his daughter. Ni]K. biography. 16.03.1940  was born in Baku. 1963 graduated from Baku State Musical technical school named after Asaf Zeynalli. 1970 Led a vocal quartet "Leyli".

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Vagif M ustafa zadeh

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Vagif m ustafa zadeh



his daughter


Vagif m ustafa zadeh


16.03.1940  was born in Baku.

1963 graduated from Baku State Musical technical school named after Asaf Zeynalli.

1970 Led a vocal quartet "Leyli".

1971 - 1977 Founded a vocal instrumental group "Sevil".

1977 - 1979 Led an instrumental group "Mugam". Was a laureate of the Soviet Union wide jazz festival "Tallin - 66", "Tbilisi - 78".

1978 was awarded with the first premium at the 8th international misic festival in Monaco.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh

Jazz is a life

  • At about the same time, America was giving birth to a new musical form-jazz. This mesmerizing new sound which originated in the restaurants and back alleys of New Orleans and Chicago drew upon many different cultural traditions, including African rhythms, Asian improvisations and abstract thinking, European classical music and even symbols borrowed from Native American tribes.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh

His Life

VagifMustafazadeh was born on March 16, 1940 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan SSR. Vagif's name was chosen by the renowned poet, SamedVurgun, on the request of his mother. Vagif is an Arabic word that means "Extremely Knowledgeable". In the year of 1965 he quit the conservatorium and went to Tbilisi to lead the "Orero" musical ensemble. Later he created the "Qafqaz" (Azerbaijani for Caucasus) jazz trio at Georgian State Philarmony. In 1970 the "Leyli" women's quartet and in 1971 "Sevil" vocal-instrumental ensemble were assembled by him. Between 1977-1979 until his death he led the "Mugham" instrumental ensemble which was also organized by him.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh


  • He was born in 1940 in a difficult period when our country did not wear the smile of jazz on its face. But he went on to become a shining star in the darkness and developed into an extraordinarily great jazzman, pianist and composer.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh

Jazz Mugam is born

  • Eventually, Vagif created a new sound-his own kind of jazz-a fusion of jazz with a form of music indigenous to Azerbaijan-the mugam. Essentially, VagifMustafazade's jazz was the first to be built upon the native music of the East. Such a trend was not new. Azerbaijan was used to being "first" when it came to music in the Muslim East. For example, Azerbaijan lays claim to the first opera, the first female opera singer, the first ballet and the first symphony orchestra.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh


  • He won first prize at the 8th International Competition of Jazz Composers for his composition "Waiting for Aziza" in Monaco in 1978, but died the next year.

  • Vagif married Eliza and has a daughter who follows in his footsteps as a pianist and is a famous composer and singer in the jazz-mugam style now residing in Germany, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.

  • Before he was married to Eliza, he had been married once before and had a daughter from that union named Lala. LalaMustafazadeh is now a talented classical pianist. She won the Grand Prize in Epinal Piano Competition, France, in 1991.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh

Vagif’s death

  • Vagif's death was a shock to many people. He was only 39 years old when he died on stage while performing in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in December 1979. Somehow the tragedy came as no surprise to me. I had, somehow, anticipated it. Every time I used to see him at the piano, I realized that he was as taut as a string. I knew that he would not be able to survive music for very long.

Vagif m ustafa zadeh

Daughter was born to Eliza, and they named her, Aziza. Now in her late 20s, she has became one of the stars of jazz music, just like her father was. In 1978 Vagif took first place for his performance of "Waiting for Aziza," at the 8th International Jazz Festival in Monaco.Other jazz pianists had a great respect for Mustafazade. Once, when Vagif was playing in the Iveriya Hotel in Tbilisi, the famous American jazz pianist and master of blues, B. B. King, heard him and remarked, "Mr. Mustafazade, they call me the 'King of the Blues,' but I sure wish I could play the blues as well as you do."

AZIZA born

Vagif m ustafa zadeh


  • Aziza Mustafa Zadeh also known as The Princess of Jazz, or Die Prinzessin des Jazz or as Jazziza is an Azerbaijanisinger, pianist and composer who plays a fusion of jazz and mugam (a traditional improvisational style of Azerbaijan) with classical and Avant-garde influences. Reviewers have said that her style also shows some influence from Keith Jarrett.[1]

Vagif m ustafa zadeh






Vagif m ustafa zadeh

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