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Student Success The campus environment is the key element that determines how well students adapt and perform or even chooses to stay . In classOutside classroom. Attend class regularly Be participative Ask questions Work cooperatively with your classmates Take good notes

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In classOutside classroom

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Student SuccessThe campus environment is the keyelement that determines how well students adapt and perform or even chooses to stay

In classOutside classroom

  • Attend class regularly

  • Be participative

  • Ask questions

  • Work cooperatively with your classmates

  • Take good notes

  • Be an active learner. Think about what you write

  • Use all your resources

    Book, instructor, office hours, tutors, study groups, online tutors

  • Time management

  • Do your homework completely

  • Prepare for the exams

Visit career center if you don’t have a major yet

Talk with a counselor, to create an academic plan

Be involved in college activities

Make study groups

Talk to professors in campus

Join to one or more programs or clubs

Resources in campus

Keep track of your time. (Weekly calendar)

Expend between 2 and 4 hours studying per week for each hour that you spend in the classroom.

Study new material as soon as possible after the class period.

Start each study session by reworking your notes, then move on to attempting the homework exercises.

Time management

Schedule your math study sessions for the time of the day when you feel that your at your sharpest.

Set goals for each study session

Start with the hardest class

Take a 10- minutes brake per hour.

Make note cards and take with you everywhere.

Read them when you have a small brake.

Make a list of all your weekly commitments for the term. Include classes, work, regular meetings, extracurricular activities etc. You might also list such things as laundry, regular workouts, grocery shopping.

Next, estimate the time needed for each item on the list

Managing your time

Use a spiral or ring binder with pockets and use it for mathematics only.

Start each page by writing the book’s section number your are working on at the top.

When your instructor is lecturing , take notes

Place your worked-out homework exercises in your notebook immediately after the lecture notes from that section.

Organizing a notebook

Attempt all assigned homework . For odd-numbered exercises, check your answers against the back of the book.

You might place a ‘?” by any homework exercises or notes that you need to ask questions about. Also consider placing a ‘!’ by any notes or exercises you feel are important.

Place graded quizzes in the pockets of your notebook. If you are using a binder, you can place your quizzes in a special section of your binder.

Review your previous homework assignments

Review any notes from class and section-level quizzes you have taken.

Review concepts and definitions by reading the Chapter Highlights at the end of each chapter.

Practice working out exercises by completing the Chapter review.

Place yourself in conditions similar to test conditions to find out how you will perform. You can use the chapter test or a review sheet given by your instructor,

Preparing for an exam

Read the directions on the test carefully

Read each problem carefully as you take the test. Make sure that you answer the question asked.

Watch your time and pace yourself so that you can attempt each problem on your test.

If you have time, check your work and answers.

Do not turn your test in early. If you have extra time, spend it double-checking your work.

Taking a exam

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