The seal of biliteracy
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The Seal of Biliteracy. Merced County Office of Education contacts: Kathy Pon Francisco Romo Paula Smith (209) 381-6649 [email protected] The Purpose for the Award:.

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The seal of biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy

Merced County Office of Education contacts:

Kathy Pon

Francisco Romo

Paula Smith

(209) 381-6649

[email protected]

The purpose for the award
The Purpose for the Award:

  • Merced County Office of Education, in partnership with participating districts, will present a Biliteracy Seal for each high school student who demonstrates proficiency in English and another world or “target” language.

The rationale for the award
The Rationale for the Award

  • Participating educators are committed to creating affirming and enriched learning environments that actively impart the value of diversity, and that embrace the cultures and languages of our communities.

  • Students who are literate in multiple languages should be recognized as having a well-rounded education and as having marketable skills.

Eligibility to apply
Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible to apply for the MCOE Seal of Biliteracy, students must:

  • Have passed both sections of the CAHSEE

  • Have scored Proficient or Advanced on their ELA CSTs at least once during high school

  • AP English grade of C or better, or English cumulative grade of B or better

  • Have gained Proficiency in a language other than English

  • Attend a participating high school

Defining the proficiency level
Defining the proficiency level

Recipients of this award are required to:

  • Express themselves with clarity and efficacy orally and in writing

  • Submit a Language Autobiography that demonstrates the ability to prepare a brief, polished piece of writing in English

  • Provide an on-demand writing sample in the “target” language

  • Respond orally in both English and the“target” language in an interview

The process for a student
The Process for a Student

  • Eligibility requirements for applying and earning the Seal

    • Use Self-Assessment Checklists to determine if at Advanced Low or higher

    • Conference with World language teacher and/or community member proficient in the “target language”about your level of proficiency

  • Electronically submit SEAL Application by September 5, 2014

  • Submit Parent Authorization and Language Autobiography by September 12, 2014

  • Provide an on-demand writing sample the week of October 14-17, 2014

  • Participate in two interviews on October 25, 2014

Seal application
SEAL Application

  • Serves a critical organizational role

  • Triggers the search for the assessors to match the “target” language needs of students who intend to apply

  • Should follow a check for eligibility – not precede it!!

  • Due September 5th, by 4 PM at MCOE

Language autobiography
Language Autobiography

  • Parent Authorization

    • Parent permission to release data, due with Language Autobiography

  • School Verification (of test scores)

    • Submitted by the high school and/or district Seal Lead, due by 4pm, September 12, 2014

  • Language Autobiography, returned with Parent Authorization, due September 12, 2014, by 4pm, at MCOE

Language autobiography1
Language Autobiography

  • Organized around 5 questions/prompts

  • Completed by the student in English

  • Designed to capture information about:

    • Interest and proficiency in“target” language

    • Authentic connections and real-life use of “target” language

    • Language comparisons

    • Multicultural experiences

Resources for the language autobiography
Resourcesfor the Language Autobiography

  • Use of the European Language Portfolio is supported by the 29 organizations of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) representing 24 languages.

    • European Language Portfolio

    • LinguaFolio 5-State Pilot

    • LinguaFolio Nebraska

    • Indiana World Languages site with LinguaFolio links

Biliteracy seal event
Biliteracy “Seal Event”

  • Interview in English

  • Interview in “target” language

  • This year’s “Seal Event” is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th

Assessment of proficiency
Assessment of Proficiency

English proficiency determined by:

  • Interview

  • Quality of Language Autobiography

    “Target” language proficiency determined by:

  • Interview

  • Quality of on-demand writing sample

    Score to earn the Seal of Biliteracy:

  • Maximum Score is 20

  • Minimum Score is 16 with no score of one or two

Assessment of students
Assessment of Students

The assessment of a student will be conducted by a two-person team who will:

  • Review the Language Autobiography

  • Conduct the interviews

  • Assess the on-demand writing sample

  • Determine if the Seal will be conferred

Role of the world language teacher
Role of the World Language Teacher

  • Inform students about the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy

  • Assist students in determining whether their level of proficiency is sufficient to apply

    • Use the Language Assessment Guidelines (Advanced Low is the appropriate level for application)

    • Use the SOLOM Teacher Observation

  • Serve as an assessor

  • Help to inform parents about the Seal of Biliteracy

Role of administrators counselors
Role of Administrators & Counselors

  • Inform teachers of World Language about the Seal

    • Provide written documents

    • Direct teachers to the website:

    • Inform teachers about the Seal Information Meetings

  • Inform students and parents about the Seal

    • Keep the level of proficiency in mind

  • Recruit assessors

  • Celebrate the students who have earned the Seal

District partnership
District partnership

Partnering Districts will:

  • Return a signed MOU to MCOE

  • Provide one assessor for every eight students

  • Ensure that students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators are informed of the Seal

  • Provide for transcript notation

  • Celebrate students who earn the Seal

Getting the word out
Getting the word out:

  • Merced COE will inform:

    • District superintendents

    • Curriculum and Project Directors at Curriculum Council/Categorical meetings

    • Maintain a website:

  • District staffs may participate in Seal Information Meetings

  • Merced COE will provide PowerPoint presentations and access to resources via website

Next steps
Next steps

  • Clarifying questions?

  • Observations or comments?

  • Next steps for you?

    Thanks for coming!