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North american medical student association
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North American Medical Student Association

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North american medical student association

North American Medical Student Association

Introduction: June 22nd, 2006

What is namsa

What is NAMSA?


    • The North American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

It s history

It’s History

  • Began 2 years ago.

  • Became an official University of Sydney club last year

  • Percieved to be a sector of American Medical Student Association.

  • Has an exec board and 6 chair positions

What has the society done so far

What has the Society Done so Far….

  • 2 USMLE step I study/information nights

  • Developed and constantly updating a website

  • Continually researchinto into the urgent health issues of Australia, North America and the international community to provide easily accessed information and opportunities for fundraising.

What has the society done so far1

What has the society done so Far….

  • Charity Events

  • Research into North American Alumni connections, Elective opportunities, and Steps towards entering Residency

  • Provided a platform for the North American students of GMP to lobby their cause.

  • Website:

What do we plan to do

What do we Plan to Do.

  • Elect a new, younger Executive committee and representative chairpersons.

  • Continue to keep up-to-date on entry requirements back into North America, the whereabouts of our Alumni, access to elective terms, and information on the website

  • Attract Interesting and helpful speakers.

  • Help to better inform anyone who is taking the Necessary Exams.

  • Forge a connection between a US school and our own

  • And better the communication b/t the Faculty, Medsoc’s international arm and us.

What do positions mean

What do positions mean?

  • President:

    • Plan the Society’s activities in consultation with the Executive.

    • Liaise with the Executive and any Committees formed by the Society.

    • Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Executive.

  • Vice President

    • Deputise for the President.

  • Positions


    • Treasurer

      • Maintain the Society’s finances in accordance with the Treasurer’s Handbook produced by the Clubs and Societies Office of the University of Sydney Union

      • Present to the Annual General Meeting of the Society a report detailing the financial activity and status of the Society.

      • Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Executive.



    • Secertary

      Conduct the correspondence of the Society

      Book meeting rooms for the Society.

      Keep minutes of the proceedings of all Society meetings.

      Maintain a list of current Members, in accordance with University of Sydney Union Guidelines.

      • Maintain the Society’s registration with the University of Sydney Union.

  • IT officer

    • develop and maintain the website of the societygather and comply all information pertaining to the society or website.

  • Positions2


    • Sergant at Arms

      • Call all local international chapter meetings to order, and shall adjourn each said meeting.

      • See to it that all activities taken by the chapter are in accordance with the bylaws of the constitution

      • See to it that all members are given the chance to speak and to be heard at general membership meetings

      • Supervise elections and see that they are carried out as set forth in the bylaws in a fair and just manner



    • Electives: Research and up date possible North American Electives, work with President

    • Education: Organize info session for required exams, Collect and organize study material, work with VP

    • Advocacy/Fundraising: research charities and organize fundraisers. Work with Treasurer



    • Residency: Research and provide outline and/or timelines, work with Secretary

    • Social: Organize parties and social gatherings, work with Sergeant at Arms

    • Alumni: Up date Alumni database and work to establish a relationship with other schools, work with IT officer

    Introduction what you need to be aware of

    Introduction: what you need to be aware of…


      • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

      • to apply for USMLE exams, steps I, IICK and IICS

      • to become ECFMG certified. A requirement for those participating in the NRMP ‘match’

        • Passing Step I/II

        • Providing proof of medical school graduation

      • ECFMG act as our ‘Dean’s Office’ when submitting documents for ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) applications.

    What you need to know

    What you need to know

    • USMLE

      • United States Licensing Medical Exam

      • Step I: basic sciences, Computer based

      • Step II-CK: Clinical knowledge, Computer Based

      • Step II-CS: Clinical Skills, OSCE format

      • Step III





    What you need to know1

    What you need to know

    • Review Books

      • First Aid series

      • BRS (Board Review Series)

      • High Yield series

      • Robbins Pathology

      • Mock Question books

        • Rapid Review

        • Kaplan Qbank

      • Emphasis tends to be on physiology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiolgy

    What you need to know2

    What you need to know

    • Electives/Letters of Recommendations

      • Different approaches to this. US vs. Worldly experiences

      • Letters of Recommendations from US faculty is important and needed

      • Choice of elective may depend on geography, specialty, size of school.


        • Provides a list of schools offering international students elective spots.


        • The website containg information on every residency program in the United States

      • NAMSA website

        • Great interactive map containg reports from previous studnents



    • Membership Fees: $5 dollars/year

      • Access to password protected website information

    • Election of New ‘Younger’ Executive committee

      • Date to be finalized

    • Possible Upcoming Events:

      • Election of New Committee members

      • USMLE information/organizational meeting

      • Elective/LOR info session

      • Social BBQ

    Thank you for your time

    Thank You for your time

    • An copy of this powerpoint and an audio file of the guest speakers will be put on the NAMSA website as well as the MedSoc Bulletin Forum.

    • Good Night

    • Anyone interested in getting involved, feel free to email me, to talk

    Guest speaker

    Guest Speaker

    • Dr. Jody TverskyBoard Certified Physician and FellowJohns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center

    Some grads

    Some grads…

    • Steve Thompson - u maryland orthopaedic surgery

    • pat henry - UMDNJ ortho surg

    • nove kalia - mt saini NY int med

    • Mahsa – mayo rochester, prelim year surgery

    • Matt coates – san joaquin, general surgery

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