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Morphing. Meaning : transforming a shape into another . Create a new layer within a new doc. Make sure you have a first frame to draw into, otherwise, press F6 . Draw one shape of any kind on frame 1. Then go to say frame 30, press F6 to define a frame.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Meaning: transforming a shape into another.
  • Create a new layer within a new doc. Make sure you have a first frame to draw into, otherwise, press F6.
  • Draw one shape of any kind on frame 1. Then go to say frame 30, press F6 to define a frame.
  • Once defined, delete the shape u drew on frame 1, and draw a different shape on frame 30.
  • Upon completion, you’ll have 2 different shapes.
simple movie clip animation
SimpleMovie Clip Animation
  • Create a shape, then draw the details to represent a smiley.
  • For the eyes, convert the layer into a movie clip.
  • Open it, and insert a key-frame (F6), and adjust the eyes.
  • Create a mouth - > Convert to movie clip - > insert a keyframefurther right - > tweak it to represent a smile - > apply a motion tween.
  • Bring a picture to the stage.
  • Create a new layer with a defined shape. Right click on the layer and select mask.
  • It’s a mask, but static.
  • Insert keyframe, say frame30. for both the picture & the shape.
  • Tweenthe shape and voila. You have a tween and a mask.
masking text
  • Identical to that of shape masking
  • Here, you can make letters appear one by one and with some gradient effect.
  • Define some text on a layer, and a shape onto another layer.
  • Make the shape start from the left end and arrives to the right end.
  • Apply a motion tween. Right-click and set the layer to mask.
  • Switch the layers and experiment with a slightly different effect
basic motion
  • On frame 1, draw a circle.
  • Insert keyframe on frame 30. select the latter and move the shape to a different position.
  • Right click on any frame between 1-30 and select create motion tween.
color animation
  • Create a shape.
  • Insert a few keyframes, and on each , keyframe, change the color of the shape.
  • Use a color for like 2-3 frames, instead of a frame for one color
fade in fade out
Fade In Fade Out
  • Fade in: alpha goes from 0 to 100.
  • Fade out: alpha goes from 100 to 0.
  • Create a shape or some text.
  • Convert to symbol - > graphic right away.
  • Place a keyframe further up the timeline.
  • On frame 1, set alpha to zero, and on the last frame, set alpha to a 100. right click anywhere in between the frames and create motion tween. Play it.
button s properties
Button’s Properties
  • Define a shape and some text within a layer.
  • Select all - > convert to symbol - > button.
  • Double click and enter the button’s features.
  • 4 features : up, over, down, hit.
  • Insert keyframes for the rest and alter the colors etc.
  • There you have a button. Just add some AS to trigger an action
zoom effect
Zoom Effect
  • Truly simple.
  • Create a shape, very small one on frame 1.
  • Add a keyframe on frame 30. Then select and scale up the shape you just did.
  • Properties - > tween - > shape
  • Zooming out follows the exact opposite of zooming in. Begin with a bigger shape and end with a smaller version of that shape.
button action sound animation
Button + Action + Sound + Animation
  • Define 4 layers. (button, sound, animation, action)
  • Button Layer: create play, pause and stop shapes. Then convert each to a button. Add the scripts as shown.
  • Click on each and insert the action as shown.
  • Sound Layer: first import a sound to library - > go to properties - > sound - > select from drop down list.
  • Animation layer: create a simple tween.

From frame 0-60.

  • Action layer: add a stop on the first frame.
the final piece
  • A simple way to present and design things. All layers play according to their entry in time. Thus, you control what comes at a certain point in your movie.
  • The file is given for you to study it…and share it this knowledge to each other.