Alaska s three little pigs
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Alaska’s three little pigs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alaska’s three little pigs. Start!. Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. The whole summer they were hiking, camping and fishing. One day they found a big house!. The first autumn frost came.

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Alaska’s three little pigs

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Alaska’s three little pigs


Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. The whole summer they were hiking, camping and fishing

One day they found a big house!

The first autumn frost came.

“We must build our homes!!!” The first pig found an old trapper’s cabin. The second pig made small willows, grass and moss for his house. The third pig was a smart little pig.

He built an igloo with ice blocks.

He had a very good idea!

The three little pigs were happy. But all this noisy fun woke up a grizzly. The pigs were afraid. The grizzly huffed and puffed and blew on the cabin of the first pig. And destroyed it! He did the same with the second pig’s house.

They escaped and raced to the third little pig’s igloo.

“Run!!!” – shouted pigs

The third pig was very smart! He took a pot with a barrel of water and made a trap for the grizzly. He fell into the water and was frozen!

One day they found a big house!

And they were happy!

That was really huge house. Everything was big there: a big table, a big bed… The pigs were afraid of it. Who was the owner???

Soon they met HIM!!!!

I have an idea!!!

He decided to buy a house! He called to Alaska’s house agent and bought a beautiful cottage.

Every evening brothers pigs had a party!

But he noticed something strange

But they were fat and lazy pigs. They never did their morning exercises! So grizzly caught them and ate!

Now he wasn’t hungry and wanted to sleep

Then the grizzly found the house of the third pig.

Silly pig was too self confident. He made a trap for grizzly. But grizzly was clever and hungry.

He knew the secret way to pig’s house.

He destroyed his house.

Three little pigs were alive! They understood that they needed a new house. So they decided to buy it.

And they were happy!

One variant was very good

Once a month he liked to eat little pigs! Three little pigs were frightened, they ran away!

They moved to the South and they were happy!

But then they decided to help him

They cooked a lot of pies – pigs and gave him. The snowman ate these pies and they all were happy!

One day the pig said: ….

The END!!!

The grizzly ate 3 little pigs, because they didn’t want to work, they were silly and lazy

And grizzly was happy!

Suddenly a hunter shot the grizzly

It was a snowman! He was very huge, but very lonely. He invited pigs to live in his house, he protected them from grizzly.

And they were happy!

But he had a secret!....

The END!!!!!

New story!!!

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