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Motion. Physics. Science that involves matter and its motion through space and time. We just finished Chemistry: Study of the properties and behavior of matter. Distance and Displacement. Distance and Displacement. How fast is this lady running? Earth spins at 1670 km/ hr

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  • Science that involves matter and its motion through space and time.

  • We just finished Chemistry: Study of the properties and behavior of matter.

Distance and displacement

Distance and Displacement

Distance and displacement1

Distance and Displacement

  • How fast is this lady running?

  • Earth spins at 1670 km/hr

  • And it is moving around the

    sun at 107,000 km/hr

Distance and displacement2

Distance and Displacement

  • To describe motion accurately, a frame of reference is necessary.

  • Frame of reference is a system of objects who are not moving with respect to one another.

    • Ex: Earth is the “stationary” frame of reference when cops measure the speed of our cars.

Measuring distance

Measuring Distance

  • Distance: the length of a path between two points

  • Classroom examples?

Measuring distance1

Measuring Distance

  • The SI unit for measuring distance is the Meter (m).

  • WE WILL NOT BE USING MILES, FEET, or INCHES in Science class!!

  • Why do we use metric?

Measuring distance2

Measuring Distance

  • Large distances are measured in Kilometers (km).

  • One kilometer is equivalent to how many meters?

  • One centimeter is one hundredth of a meter!

Measuring displacement

Measuring Displacement

  • What is distance?

  • Displacement: The DIRECTION from the starting point and the LENGTH of a straight line from the starting point to the ending point.

Measuring displacement1

Measuring Displacement

  • Walk 10 blocks

  • Walk 10 blocks north from Kroger

Combining displacements

Combining Displacements

  • Vector: Quantity that has magnitude and direction.

  • Magnitude can be size, length, or amount.

  • Arrows are used to represent vectors.

  • Size of the arrow corresponds to magnitude (size)

Combining displacements1

Combining Displacements

  • Vector addition is the combining of vector magnitudes and directions.

  • Add displacements using vector addition.

Combining displacements2

Combining Displacements

  • Displacements along a straight line.

Combining displacements3

Combining Displacements

Combining displacements4

Combining Displacements

Combining displacements5

Combining Displacements

Combining displacements6

Combining Displacements

Combining displacements7

Combining Displacements

Displacement that isn t along a straight path

Displacement that isn’t Along a Straight Path

  • Resultant Vectors: Vector sum of 2 or more vectors.

Speed and velocity

Speed and Velocity

  • Speed

    • Average speed

    • Instantaneous speed

  • Graphing Motion

  • Velocity

  • Combining Velocities



  • Speed: The ratio of the distance an object moves compared to the amount of time the object moves.

  • SI unit for speed is meters/second (m/s).

  • If a car travels 40 km in 5 hours, how fast is the car moving?



  • Average Speed: Computed for the ENTIRE DURATION of the trip.

  • Instantaneous Speed: Measured at a particular instance.

Average speed

Average Speed

  • Average speed (v) = total distance traveled (d) divided by the total time (t).

Average speed1

Average Speed

Average speed2

Average Speed

Average speed3

Average Speed

Average speed4

Average Speed

Instantaneous speed

Instantaneous Speed

  • Instantaneous Speed: The rate at which an object is moving at a given moment in time.

    • A car’s speedometer measures instantaneous speed.

Graphing motion

Graphing Motion

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