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WELCOME. MSF: An Overview. International forum of global carriers, equipment vendors, high-tech companies Define end-to-end service and system specifications for global networks Showcase interoperability via GMI (Global MSF Interoperability) demonstrations. MSF Membership—2004.

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Msf an overview
MSF: An Overview

  • International forum of global carriers, equipment vendors, high-tech companies

  • Define end-to-end service and system specifications for global networks

  • Showcase interoperability via GMI (Global MSF Interoperability) demonstrations

Ip gains obstacles remain
IP Gains; Obstacles Remain

  • Is IP ready for prime time?

    • Promise of new services, new revenue streams

    • Massive investments in initiatives and equipment

  • IP obstacles

    • Unsophisticated Quality of Service (QoS)

    • Inadequate, inconsistent security

    • No end-to-end management

    • Inconsistent value-added experience

Msf the value add
MSF: The Value-Add

  • Encourage a diverse community to work together productively

  • Identify and supply missing pieces in emerging telecom standards

  • Implement IAs for critical capabilities

    • Quality of Service (QoS)

    • Security

    • Multivendor value-added services

Msf the value add con t
MSF: The Value-Add (con’t)

  • Enable global carriers to implement IP networks and services—profitably

  • Help global carriers extend the life of legacy investments

  • Publicly validate commercial viability of next-gen networks—using real carriers, real products, and real connections

  • Move industry closer to convergence

Everybody wins
Everybody wins…

  • Global carriers gain new, revenue-generating IP services

  • Companies gain advanced IP services to streamline business

  • Consumers gain advanced IP services that make their lives simpler

Validating interoperability
Validating Interoperability

  • GMI validations are among the most ambitious in the world

  •  GMI2002

    • 2 weeks of 24/7 networked testing

    • 3 sites on 3 continents

    • Validates Release 1 of MSF architectural framework

  •  Now, the MSF has completed GMI2004…

Gmi2004 raises the bar
GMI2004 Raises the Bar

  • Builds on success of GMI2002

  • “Layers” on new functionality

    • QoS

    • IPv6

    • Value-added services

    • Security

  • Validates Release 2 of MSF framework

The gmi2004 challenge
The GMI2004 Challenge

  • Two weeks of 24/7 testing

    • Three continents

    • Four countries

    • Five progressive test scenarios

    • Dozens of test engineers

    • Hundreds of networked devices

      • Core/edge routers, bandwidth managers, call servers, application servers…

Value added services
Value-Added Services

  • GMI2004 demonstrates that properly engineered IPv4/IPv6 packet networks can deliver a range of value-added services:

    • IP conferencing

    • Originating/terminating screening

    • Click to connect/conference

    • Emergency connection/call report

    • Continuous retry

    • Number translation

    • Voicemail media processing

    • Video telephony

The qos conundrum
The QoS Conundrum

  • Carriers want to migrate to packet networks

  • Call quality must be guaranteed

  • Emergency calls must be given priority

  • Network overload/packet discards must be avoided

  • Delay-sensitive voice can’t wait for network to reroute around congestion

Qos the msf way
QoS: The MSF Way

  • Two QoS mechanisms

    • MPLS traffic engineering

    • DiffServ traffic engineering

  • Guaranteed capacity for specific call volume

  • Bandwidth managers prevent overloads

  • Call servers recognize priority calls

Participants in gmi2004
Participants in GMI2004…

  • Showcased their success deploying a global multiservice, multivendor network

  • Extended their reach into new markets

  • Built close relationships with peers, customers, and suppliers

Participants in gmi2004 con t
Participants in GMI2004… (con’t.)

  • Proved their commitment to building best-of-breed products

  • Earned a high-profile position in the move to IP-based global networks

Thank you
Thank You

  • For more information visit the MSF site at http://www.msforum.org