plant watcher for commandbatch
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Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

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Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch . Randy Willaman [email protected] (614) 799-0600 Ext. 5230. Session Objective. An introduction to the benefits of Plant Watcher monitored events Alerts and notifications Plant Performance and Plant Maintenance reports. software requirements

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plant watcher for commandbatch

Plant Watcherfor COMMANDbatch

Randy Willaman

[email protected]

(614) 799-0600 Ext. 5230

session objective
Session Objective
  • An introduction to the benefits of Plant Watcher
    • monitored events
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Plant Performance and Plant Maintenance reports.
  • software requirements
  • profile configuration

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

every business needs safety nets
Every business needs safety nets
  • Senior Management
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

you encounter risk every day
You encounter risk every day

This Producer doesn’t yet know this10 YD3 load is short 502 lbs. (228 kg) of cement…

He will know in 7 days – he could’ve known before the truck left the yard!

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

who s your production safety net
Who’s your production safety net?

A single load of

bad concrete

can be a disaster

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

command alkon plant watcher
Command Alkon Plant Watcher
  • Instantaneous detection and distribution of alerts
    • Material Out of


    • Manual Feeds by


    • Plant Loading Delays
    • Plant Down Situations
    • Custom Notifications

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher
Plant Watcher

Provides information on a ‘need to know’ basis:

  • Quality Control
    • Out of tolerance
    • Erratic tolerance
    • Manual Feeds
  • Operations Managers
    • Plant Loading Delays
    • Plant Down Situations
    • Plant Performance Issues

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher1
Plant Watcher
  • General Managers/Ownership
  • Mistakes happen even with the best people!
  • Identify and correct financial ‘leaks’ due to material losses
  • Specific information to improve operations and reduce costs.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher2
Plant Watcher
  • Runs independently and monitors COMMANDbatch systems.
  • Processes events and distributes to recipients.
  • Fault tolerant: guaranteed event delivery.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher profiles

Automatically Delivered Plant Maintenance Reports

Properly maintained plants break down less!

Batch Exception Profiles

Scheduled Reports

Plant Watcher Profiles
  • Load Size Range
  • Batch Weight Deviation Range
    • Min, Max, UOM
    • Material Groups
    • Individual Material Tolerances

Plant Alarms

Mix Design/Material Changes

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

Create, Update, Delete

Mix Manager changes

send alerts directly to the operator and or supervisors
Send Alerts directly to the Operator and/or Supervisors
  • Messages sent to email and/or PDA instantly

These messages can have different priorities and the content is entirely configurable.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher reports
Plant Watcher Reports
  • Batch Exception (out of tolerance or manual feed)
  • Plant Performance Report (daily and consolidated up to 31 days)
  • Sample reports are available from
  • Command Alkon website.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

no it impact
No “IT” Impact
  • Configure to deliver reports anywhere
  • Re-use existing email system
  • Easy install & configure
  • Unattended operation
  • Small footprint

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

plant watcher3
Plant Watcher
  • Reports that serve 3 audiences
    • Quality Control – Averages do not tell the entire story!
    • Operations – Improve productivity and eliminate plant bottlenecks
    • Ownership – Direct visibility of losses due to over batching of material

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch


Plant Watcher = Peace of Mind

  • Mistakes will happen, catching a single load of bad concrete could save thousands!
  • Plant Performance Report for load-to-load quality control
  • Daily analysis stops financial leaks.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch


  • Product Information
  • Request samples of reports (with User Guide) sent to your email, emulating Plant Watcher function.

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

thank you
Thank You!
  • Questions?

“Our organization depends on Plant Watcher to help us manage and protect our business. We thought for sure we knew how our plants were running, but the information provided by Plant Watcher highlighted new opportunities for efficiency and cost savings. The real- time notification by Plant Watcher of an out of specification load for a critical pour alerts our QC department, day or night, to step in and prevent that load from being placed! For companies who wish to be proactive about Quality Control, Plant Watcher is a meaningful and cost effective addition.”Steve WagenerKuhlman Corporation

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch

please complete your evaluation
Please Complete Your Evaluation
  • Be sure to circle the session you are evaluating on the back of your card
    • Batch Plant Automation
    • BAT-002
    • COMMANDbatch Plant Watcher Overview
  • Thank You!

Plant Watcher for COMMANDbatch