Uncovering provider needs
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Uncovering Provider Needs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uncovering Provider Needs. Session 5. Uncovering Provider Needs. Session 5: Objectives Learn new techniques you can use to uncover providers unmet needs Practice using these techniques to engage in a more open dialogue with providers. Discuss:.

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Uncovering Provider Needs

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Uncovering Provider Needs

Session 5

Uncovering Provider Needs

Session 5: Objectives

  • Learn new techniques you can use to uncover providers unmet needs

  • Practice using these techniques to engage in a more open dialogue with providers


  • What is the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questions?

Open-ended and closed-ended questions get different results – and feel different to providers

How it feels to providers

How it feels to providers

  • Expand the dialogue

  • They invite the other person to tell you more

  • End the dialogue

  • Only get you the specific answer you’re asking for (at best!)

Open-ended questions…

  • You care about their opinions and feelings

  • You care about what they think is important

  • You see them only as a source of information

  • You are judging them (answer is right or wrong)

Closed-ended questions…

Open or Closed?

  • Do you insert IUDs?

  • How many patients ask for injectables?

  • Are you satisfied with injectables?

  • Do your patients ask for IUDs?

  • Do you counsel for IUDs?

  • Have you heard of Medabon?

  • Do you use Medabon?

  • Do you use MA drugs?

    How can we make this questions more open?

Tips for Asking Open Questions?

  • How do you …..?

  • What has been your experience with……?

  • What is your opinion about …….?

  • How do you feel about …….?

  • When do you ………?

  • Describe …..

  • Tell me about …….

  • For which type of clients do you……?

  • What would happen if ……?

Example questions to ask to uncover needs


  • If the provider is currently at the “interest” stage…

  • Opportunity: Which clients do you think this might help the most? Which clients are telling you that they're interested in trying this?

  • Ability: How comfortable do you feel with starting to do this? What other training or information do you think you need?

  • Motivation: What do you think would happen if you went ahead and tried this with one client? How do you feel about trying it?





Exercise: Practice Using Open ended questions

  • Form groups of 3 people

  • In each group,

    • One person should be the Medical Detailer

    • One person should be the Provider

    • All others should be Observers

  • Providers should quickly read one of the Provider Cards to understand their role. Do not share the card with anyone else!

  • Medical Detailersshould ask open-ended questions to uncover:

    • What stage of adoption is the provider in?

    • What are the needs that are preventing the provider from moving to the next stage?

  • Observers:

    • Count the number of open-ended and the closed-ended questions asked

    • Give feedback to the Medical Detailer on what worked and what didn’t

  • After 5 minutes, switch roles

Exercise: Using Provider Strategy Planner

  • Review the Provider Strategy Planner

  • Complete the Uncovering Needs section of the Provider Strategy Planner based on what you know about this provider

    • Do not go further right now!

  • Share itwith the group

Uncovering Provider Needs Session Recap

  • Open-ended questions can help you to expand the dialogue

  • Open-ended questions allow you to discover more about provider needs and practices

  • Open-ended questions can uncover needs related to opportunity, ability, and motivation

  • It can be hard to ask open-ended questions!

How it feels to providers

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