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Top Ways to Make your Home Environment-Friendly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global warming and pollution is two tremendous issues of present world. Nowadays, most of the people have become a lot more conscious and sensible about the impact that they leave on the environment. Here we have some Top Ways to make your Home Environment-Friendly.

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Global warming and pollution become the tremendous issues

of today's world.

For the time being everybody concern about an Eco-friendly


Here we have some tips for make your home environment


Replace all burnt out light bulbs with energy-efficient


Installation of them is expensive.But you can see the

difference in your electricity bills.

Use solar powered charger

for charging your devices.

Install the solar panel on the

rooftop of your house.(less

installation cost & pollution.)

Replace energy hungry

plasma TV by LED or


Use sustainable products like Bamboo for

flooring,these products are very Eco-


By using these products as your home

decoration, you will certainly create a

good, positive impact on the environment.

Use solar powered devices and discard your old and energy-

consuming utensils and switch to solar devices.

Indoor plants are the most tempting components of home


They uplift the gorgeousness of your home by proving you

with a fresh and lively touch of nature.

They improve the quality of the indoor air by air purification


Use natural paint.

Natural paints do costs

more but will help you to

get rid of nasty chemicals

and other toxins.

Use wood and stone instead

of using high-priced

synthetic materials.

Install energy efficient toilet in your home.It

reduce your water flow by 50% .

Recycle the water and use it for other purposes

around your house

Rainwater harvesting is another water source

with low installation cost.

Be an environment friendly buyer.

Choose such locations for your home where

your home would have the least harmful impact

on the environment.

Make an Eco-friendly home which will

create a good and positive impact on the


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