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The Brief. What is Diabetes and why does it matter to me now?. The Brief. ’On average, 15% of hospital beds are taken up by people suffering from diabetes. This can be double in certain parts of the country ’. The Brief.

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The Brief

What is Diabetes and why does it matter to me now?

The Brief

’On average, 15% of hospital beds are taken up by people suffering from diabetes. This can be double in certain parts of the country’

The Brief

Diabetes is a common life-long health condition. There are 2.8 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 850,000 people who have the condition but don’t know it.

It is life threatening if not diagnosed and treated.

The Brief

It is understood that most people in the UK have some knowledge of Diabetes, but are not fully aware of the dangers and symptoms. For example, early signs are excessive thirst or wanting to pass water. Diabetes can effect every part of the body and result in death through organ failure such as a heart attack.

The Brief

The Minister for Health has instructed the National Clinical Director for Diabetes and key organisations such as Diabetes UK to raise awareness of Diabetes; its symptoms, its dangers and how the medical profession and individuals can help reduce the number of cases and treat those with the illness.

The Brief

The Department for Health is committed to the Change for Life campaign and see this specific campaign for Diabetes as part of that commitment.

The client, Diabetes Awareness Group, also sees this project as part of the Big Society agenda.

The Brief

1. Create a campaign to raise awareness of Diabetes.

2. This core communication can cover one or all of the following target groups:

* Everyone – ‘I know someone with Diabetes…’

* People who are pre-Diabetes – ‘I may have Diabetes…’

* People who are dealing with Diabetes – ‘I have Diabetes…’

3. Choose the audience group that you believe represents the greatest opportunity for impact and show specifically how this communications idea works for them. What would the key message be? What promotional tools and tactics would be adopted and which media channels would be selected? How would those channels work together?

The Brief

  • The Competition

  • selection criteria for the first round will include:

  • Understanding for, and empathy, with the challenges

  • Insight into target and its motivations and propensity to visit

  • Understanding of diabetes, and passion for the task

  • Responses to the questions/approach

  • Confidence in the agency being able to think laterally and come up with innovative ideas

The Brief

We are looking for maximum impact for minimum spend for this England wide campaign.